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St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia

It's hard making friends when you are 26 years old. Most people are getting married, focusing on their careers, moving to new places, or even making babies. Life is consuming at this age and it's challenging to find the time to meet new people. When you do though, you never let them go.

Scotty J and I met at Penn State Altoona. Without him I never would have passed my sophomore algebra or economics class - thank God for smart people. We both moved after college and one Fall day in 2011, I received a call from him. He and his girlfriend Steph, were planning a ski weekend to Colorado and wanted a place to crash. Of course, we love guests and welcomed them with open arms.

Mrs. B introduced them to Moscow Mules (an alcoholic beverage), Mr. B introduced them to A-Basin (a local ski resort), and together we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. It was a weekend to remember and the start of a really great friendship.

Unfortunately, we live 1,433 miles away from each other, so in honor of our first weekend together, we made a pact to celebrate each and every St. Patrick's Day as a group and in a new location. Similar to us, they like to travel, they like to explore, they like trying new things, they like to eat, and they like good beer. Traditions mean a lot to us. Establishing one can be easy, but it's even sweeter when you have people to enjoy it with.

This year, the place was Savannah, Georgia.

We flew to Atlanta and were welcomed with a banner and a "Savannah Survival Kit!" Leave it to good friends to make you feel famous at the airport. We slept at their incredibly furnished house and by morning, Steph was making a homemade quiche and giving her best attempt at "popping" a bottle of champagne. Rather than help with the cooking,  Mr B spent hours forming phrases on their scrabble magnet board - the kid can barely spell. As the morning passed, we toasted with mimosas, packed our bags and hit the road for a five hour drive to the deep south. The drive was nothing short of exciting. Scotty J finger danced to Janet Jackson's Escapade, Mr. B recorded our entire drive on his Go-Pro, we learned a little more about each other by playing Table Topics, and we wore Leprechaun hats with hopes of entertaining truck drivers and getting a free honk. We only got one!

Everyone Needs One of These

Savannah welcomed us with it's charming style. It's a city full of historic architecture, blooming with bright flowers, and lined with large Southern Live Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss. It's exactly the vision you have in mind when you think, deep south, and I was in love.

Forsyth Park - Skills by Mr. B
Couple Photos

Savannah Smiles [a dueling piano bar] hosted our first night. We had the time of our life!! Steph and I spent as much time on the stage as the piano players themselves. She won free drinks for her Thriller dance skills and when Journey started playing I made my way to center stage. We sang along to good jams, paid $40 to have a Steeler Slogan written on the wall, stole letters from the piano, and had an eventful walk back to the hotel that may or may not have included losing the boys and watching Steph literally fall across the street in her best slide-to-first-base-move. It was incredible that she walked away unharmed and with only a few scuffs on her shoes. Savannah got the best of us on night one.

Savannah Smiles
[front row seats]

Saturday was the big celebration! People fly in from all over the country to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Savannah and watch the famous parade - marchers from all over the world and ladies swarming the ranks of firemen with fresh lipstick kisses. It's a longtime tradition and we stayed in bed. #fail

But if you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly, right? So we forced ourselves out of bed to dress in green and walk to the cobblestone path called River Street! We joined the crowd, bought a few beers, watched women get bucked on mechanical bulls, received kisses from strangers, danced the cupid shuffle in the tunnel, got boat-boners from cargo ships sailing by, met military pilots in training and a "bear" from Germany, watched people stumble on the cobblestone, took naps on the lawn, and forgot sunscreen, so we got burnt!

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2013
Pilots and Aviators

The evening  took us to Georgia's Oldest House - The Pirate House. We met a pirate, played with his sword, looked around for hidden treasure and called the waitress babe. We were in a food coma and feeling tired from the day, so we decided to pay a peddler $20 to pedicab us back to the hotel. It was worth every penny to weave in and out of traffic and people watch along the way.


To recover from our celebration, we put on our swimsuits and drove to Tybee Island on Sunday. The original plan involved renting kayaks and paddling the afternoon away, but the wind ruined our plans. Not only did it ruin our plans, it ruined Stephy's new hat - blew it right into the swamp! It took three people to fish it out. Then, we hit the beach. The girl (me!) who is stuck in the middle of the country for most of the year couldn't wait to put her toes in the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the frigid water temperatures crushed my visions of swimming with the fish, so I walked the beach instead.

Fishin for hats, not fish.
Just be The Johnson's, already - would ya?
Mr B wasn't into my kisses

When the wind and the sea were too much to handle, we headed to the Tybee Island Light House for a quick race to the top. It was unsteady and cold, but had a good view. We snapped a few pictures and walked ran around once, just to say we did it.

Light Station, Tybee Island, GA

After a quick nap and the comfort of warm clothes, we ended our weekend with a seafood overload at the the Crab Shack. Nestled in the center of Tybee Island and surrounded by baby alligators, we watched the bartender beat a bucket like a drum and ate plate-loads from the sea.

The Crab Shack

Traditions are fun, endings never are. So rather than end this post with more words from me, I leave you with an ending from Mr. B. That rhymed.

Capturing memories in a style like this, let's you relive them over and over.

Luck of the Irish

from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

Oh and we can't forget, it was Scotty J and Steph that challenged us to take our Terrible Towels to every new city we visit. That meant, we couldn't leave Savannah without adding a few to the album:

River Street
Forsyth Park
Tybee Beach

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