Thursday, April 11, 2013

Month Nine

Six Years Dating - Nine Months Wed

Two close friends of mine recently told me that most couples gain weight their first year of marriage. Well they weren't kidding. Similar to the freshman fifteen, I am coining the term, "The Wedded Ten."

Mr. and Mrs. B are eating too much. We are gaining weight. It may not look it in photos, but jeans are getting tight. I've gained 4lbs since my last doctors visit. We crave gelato after every meal.  We are traveling too much. We are eating unhealthy. We are addicted to our DVR. We barely walk our dog. Oh and full disclosure, the beach shorts Mr. B has on in that photo above, well they aren't buttoned. Just being honest.

However, when Mr. B is out of town, I usually lose a few pounds. He is the cook, I am not. So I live off of bagels, grilled cheese, tuna, bread and lately, hummus. However, the other night, I decided to make spaghetti. How do you know how many noodles to boil? I can never seem to get it right and end up making enough to feed everyone on my block. Instead of sharing, it worked in my favor because I had enough left overs to last me the rest of the week.

So as I sit here eating spaghetti for the third night in a row, I realized we are only three months away from celebrating one year. Seriously, where have the last nine months gone? This time last year I was making dessert signs, going to dress fittings, ordering cookies, sending invitations, and planning last minute details. I suppose all the free time we've had this year has been spent baking, cooking and eating. Explanation of why we need new pants.

Recap of Month Nine:
  • On St. Patrick's Day, it was six years, to the day that we started dating. We toasted with a green beer. 
  • We spent a weekend in Savannah with good friends. We are already discussing the plan for next year.
  • Mr. B went to the USA soccer game against Costa Rica. They tailgated in the snow.
  • Although Spring arrived this month, Old Man Winter was still around. It gave Mr. B an excuse to wear all of his Carhartt clothing (at once) to shovel, without me complaining.
  • We made home-made perogies this month. It took us over four hours. 
  • We turned our clocks ahead this month. Our microwave is still one hour behind. #lazy
  • The Finding Nemo sequel was announced featuring my favorite fish, Finding Dory. Too bad we have to wait until 2015 to see it.
  • Mr. B wore his wedding band to bed a few times this month. That was a first. 
  • We hosted Easter Dinner for the first time. The bunny brought him a basket, but forgot mine. 
  • Mr. B's baby truck was hit this month, while parked at the airport. The culprit didn't leave a note.
  • My bible study ended this month. I already miss the girl time.
  • A friend of ours from our hometown recently moved to Cheyenne. All he and Mr. B talk about are rivers, lakes, and mountains. I suppose we are going to be busy this summer. 
  • Mr. B shaved his beard this month. I barely recognized him, so it's growing back. #beardsarehot 
  • I am addicted to hummus. So much, that I have been found eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • My in-laws traveled all month long. We miss them. 
  • I lost my glasses on our return flight from Savannah and replaced them with a pair of Warby Parker's. Now I need to convince Mr. B he needs a pair too. 
  • We got stuck on a plane in Atlanta, during a hail storm. I was scared, Mr. B was not.
  • Remember that bread recipe book Mr. B left at the grocery story last month. Well, guess what, they threw it away. So much for those delicious recipes.
  • We added another concert to our Summer list. We will be singing Wagonwheel at the top of our lungs while Darius Rucker strums his guitar. 
  • Mr. B won't stop talking about camping. He reminds me every day that we had already camped this time last year.
  • We filed our taxes this month. First time as a married couple. I made more when I was single. 
  • My brother turned 23 this month. When did I get old?
  • Mr. B took me to Cracker Barrel for brunch one Sunday. It made me excited to grow old together and sit in those adorable rocking chairs out front. 
  • Mr. B traveled to Utah this month. He had a hard time adjusting to the "dry state" rules. Untappd wasn't getting much activity. 
  • We skyped while Mr. B was away. He really needs an iPhone so we can facetime.
  • I traveled to Dallas this month and spent the entire trip inside. It rains every time I am there. 
  • April Fools Day was this month. Mr. B didn't fool me. #weweretoobusyeating

To close this out, I ask Mr. B each month if he has something to say. His comment was, "We are getting fat." How appropriate, given the fact we'll be celebrating this month at a Cooking Class in Denver tomorrow night. With three months to go, we really are getting closer and closer to that "Wedded Ten."

Chubby or not, I love you just the same, Mr B. I hope you agree.

Rather than show photos of us in our tight jeans, I leave you with a few photos of Monty instead.

Lovin' Life
Snow Dive for Toys
How can you not smile?

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