Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have You Heard of Warby Parker

Glasses are expensive. End of story.

Okay, not end of story, but a very true statement. When returning from our trip to Savannah last month, I left my glasses on the plane. I filed a claim with Delta and of course, they were never found. Surprise, surprise. It just so happened that a friend of mine in Raleigh had gotten a new pair of specs recently and shared the website with me.

Insert: Warby Parker. A designer glasses company that was created to make boutique-quality eye wear at a revolutionary price point. So rather than spend $300, just to see the world more clearly, majority of the WP glasses are only $95! That includes, the frames, the lenses, the anti-reflective coating and the anti-scratch protection. Not only are they cost effective, they are stylish too - vintage with a modern twist. And the greatest part of all, they have a "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program [similar to TOMS]. Watch the video, it will make you want glasses, even if you don't need them.

As for how the process goes for purchasing the perfect pair of frames online, instead of having to making the decision in the middle of the gallery at your eye doctor's office: you go to their site, upload a photo of yourself and start dragging different styles to your photo. You can adjust them to fit, so it gives you a sense of how they are going to look in person. Once you're done playing dress up, you choose five pair that you think look good on you. It's even better if you choose a few that are a little out of the ordinary for your style.

From there, Warby Parker ships those five samples to your house, for...FREE.

You pick them up at your doorstep:

Warby Parker's Arrived

You try 'em on:

Warby Parker Trial
[Styles from Left to Right -- Reynold; Bensen; Langston; Reece]

Take pictures and text them to your friends and family. Ask them for their honest opinions, I did. But be prepared to receive a full range of feedback. Some will love them and some will hate them. At the end of the day, chose your favorite.

You Pick a Winner:

Marshall - Cherry Red

Make a quick stop at your eye doc's office, and request a copy of your prescription. Once you have that, place your order! Note: If you don't like any of the glasses you selected, you can send them back and choose five more.

If you can't decide the first day, you can sample them for a total of five days before you send them back. I actually kept mine a few days after I placed my order, just because I loved wearing them around. Is it weird wearing glasses with no prescription? I think not! Oh and get this, you don't even have to pay shipping costs, the return label is included. Awesome.

Seven days after I placed my order, I was wearing my very own pair of Warby Parker's.

You go out in style:

Stylin' and Lovin'

Last week, I spent three days with my colleagues in Dallas and if any were wearing glasses, I told them about this website. I'm so happy about my new specs and have fallen completely in love with this company. The experience was easy, choosing them was fun, receiving them was exciting, sampling them for five days was enjoyable, and purchasing my favorite pair was easy on the wallet. And beyond having a great shopping experience, at the end of the day, Warby Parker is helping people. Who wouldn't want to buy from a company who is sharing their wealth and heart with people in need.

If I can't convince you to buy yourself a pair, maybe Ryan Gosling can. He was spotted wearing a pair the same day I placed my order :)

Go sample a few pair, you won't regret it.

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