Saturday, March 9, 2013

a weekend of love.

Meeting someone when you've just been potty trained, I imagine is a pretty fun experience. You're probably running around the park dressed in a frilly skirt and lifting it every chance you get to show off your big girl underwear. You're probably dragging your baby doll through the mud, giving her baths, and feeding her all the vegetables you don't want to eat. You're probably swimming with floaties and getting braver about jumping from the edge of the pool into your dad's arms. Your moms are probably talking in the background about soon-to-be brothers or sisters and the upcoming fears of sending their toddlers to preschool.

That was most likely the case with me and the girl above, Jenna. Her grandma lived across the street from my house. She was familiar with my parents and knew they had a little girl similar in age to her first grand-daughter. One day, she walked over and introduced us. I can imagine, Jenna was shy, but my energetic personality (even at the age of 3), probably made her feel comfortable within the first five minutes. Twenty-three years later, things are still the same, she is still the soft spoken one and I am the loud mouth, yet we've remained the best of friends. Although, 1500 miles separates us, we find ways to see each other a couple times a year.

This year, she and her husband, Steve made the trip to Colorado to celebrate the weekend of love with us - and a weekend of fun was to be had. 

A Romantic Valentines Dinner: We had visions of making a big spaghetti dinner and opening a nice bottle of wine. Change of plans! By the time we got back from the airport, we were more interested in catching up than cooking. We ordered a couple of large pizza's, the boys cracked a few beers, and Jenna and I opened a cheap bottle of white zin - a classy group. Sitting down around the coffee table, we picked teams - guys against girls - and laughed into the wee hours of the morning battling in a competitive game of Cranium.

The men are smarter than the women
"Move Your Partner's Arm's"

Brewery Hopping: A tour of New Belgium is a MUST in the Bores Visitor Guide. Our tour was scheduled for Friday afternoon and along the way we saw Jack Sparrow scaling the rock climbing wall, we tasted a brand new beer [Rampant] fresh off the line, we slid down slides, and we learned that Steve may become a Brewmaster within the next 5 years.

Brewery Partner
New Belgium Brewery Tour

Denver Nightlife: Upon arrival to Denver we stopped at the Great Divide - home to one of Steve's favorite beverages - Titan. While the boys discussed IPA's, Jenna and I discussed our future baby names. We then headed to the hotel where Jenna and I spent too much time jamming to Lady Gaga and putting on red lipstick. On our way to the hotel bar, Jenna noticed Hula Hoops hanging in the lobby. We quickly learned if you hoop for ten seconds they give you a $10 gift card to the bar. She earned $20 bucks, while I struggled to keep the hoop off the floor.  

Red Lips and Serious Faces

From there we began our traveling dinner: Drinks at the hotel bar; Rocky Mountain Oysters for Appetizers; and Tappas for Dinner. We had big plans for dessert, but that involved a taxi ride, so we opted for pedicab's and dancing instead. 

Appetizers and Moscow Mules
Tappas [The 9th Door]
We spent the next morning, slowly crawling out of bed, waiting an hour for room service, discussing how we'd spent too much money the night before, and eating croissants like we'd never eaten before in our life. 

Our weekend didn't end there. 

Rocky Mountain National Park: We crammed in the truck once again and hit the road for the 60 minutes drive west. We grabbed our cameras and made stops throughout the park for photo opportunities. We also packed snowshoes, but left them in the bed of the truck and went hiking without them. It's the thought that counts, right?

Morain Park - RMNP
Bear Lake - RMNP
A Moose - RMNP
My legs hurt 15 minutes into the trek through the woods, so I sat in the snow. Some young hiker, coming from the other direction, stopped and said, "If you keep walking, there's a moose not to far ahead." That was enough encouragement to get me running the rest of the way. Each of us were looking, far beyond the area he told us. We thought for sure he lied to us. Then suddenly we looked ahead and saw a girl crouched down in the snow looking into the trees -- there he was. A sweet moose eating an afternoon snack. He watched us through the branches and continued on his way. That was enough excitement for one day, so we headed home and made that big spaghetti dinner we planned for on the first night.

Sadly, our weekend was nearing an end. Mr. B went back to work on Monday, Steve worked from our couch, and Jenna and I soaked up every last minute together by eating and shopping. We talked about our college memories, we talked about our weekend, and we talked about how different our lives would be if we lived close to one another. The distance makes us sad, but it's weekends like these that make up for all the other days of the year that we spend apart.

Angry Faces
Come back soon, Shaffer's - we miss and love you always.

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