Sunday, March 24, 2013

a day and the life of bores.

If we were to meet for a coffee date right now, I would have a lot to share.

The Bores House is exhausted right now. Too much travel, too much stress, and too much work. There is laundry to be done. Toilets that need cleaned. Furniture that needs dusted. And carpets that need vacuumed.

Spring has sprung, yet we woke to a foot of snow on Saturday. Monty loves it, I don't.

The B's are getting chubby. Pants are getting tight and dog walks are far and few between.

I am obsessed with the song Wagonwheel, by Darius Rucker. Isn't it funny how songs become the soundtrack to our memories? Hearing Wagonwheel will always take me back to a weekend with special friends, in a dueling piano bar, and having the time of my life in Savannah. A blog about that adventure - coming soon.

My mom is counting down the days until I visit next month. Soon she will be counting the minutes. I am happy she has something to look forward too. I can't wait to see you, Mama Bear.

My sister is in love with a man named Scott. She always wished she could clone my Scott, but since she couldn't she found one of her own. He takes her to church, he makes her books, he writes love notes on her walls, and is head over heels in love with my nieces. That's the kind of man she's always wanted and the kind of man she's always deserved.

My brother, well he turned 23 two weeks ago and I have yet to send his birthday gift. I am slacking as a sister.

My in-laws were planning to take a two week camping trip -- through New Mexico and all the way down to the coast of Texas. Unfortunately, their truck broke down 4 hours into the trip, but that didn't stop them. They are enjoying their new camper, while their truck sits in the auto body shop.

Everyone is pregnant. I swear every time I open Facebook or Instagram, someone else is making the announcement. Are we entering a baby-boom?

Easter is quickly approaching, and all I can think about is coloring eggs. I swear, I'll never grow up.

By now, I think we'd be close to finishing our coffee, asking for refills, and picking a sticky glazed donut to continue our chat.

Your turn, tell me about you.


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