Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Waking up to feathery snowflakes layering the crisp bed of snow already on the ground, finally inspired me to tell the story of our recent trips to the slopes.

Winter Park Ski Resort

The alarm went off at 5:30AM. Mr. B jumped out of bed, while I rubbed my sleepy eyes. He lives for these
days. We had packed most of our stuff the night before and while I was putting on my first layer of clothes, Mr. B was making trips to and from the truck – with skis, boots, helmets, poles, cameras and backpacks. He even mounted his GroPro to the front windshield. I am telling you, this kid is serious about ski days and we were going whether I liked it or not. Mr. B bought me my very own ski pass this year. It’s only a four pack, but that meant I would have to ski four more times than I did the year before.

Super Bowl Sunday was the day and the Baltimore Ravens were playing the San Francisco 49'ers – we just didn't have much interest, except for the commercials. In fact, we hoped most people would be partying the day away and there would be less traffic in the mountains and less people on the slopes. Our assumption stood true, thankfully.

I hadn't been on skis in two years and the last time I went, I cried. This time, I didn't cry but I did complain for the entire 20 minute walk from the car, carrying my skis and walking in clunky ski boots for what felt like 3 miles, to finally make it to the bottom of the mountain where I could finally click into my skis. Mr. B looked at me and said, "Are you ready?" My reply went something like this, "Am I ever ready to ski?"

We skied the bunny slopes for most of the morning and then stopped at the lodge for a cold beer. There is a rope pulley-system that pulls you up a gradient slope to the lodge. The problem is you have to find a way to hold on to the rope with poles in your hands, all the while concentrating to keep your skis straight on the ground. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and made a complete fool of myself. Mr. B laughed. Others pointed. And I was in too much of a tangled mess to really have any reaction. [Refer to video below to see in person]

By late morning, I was interested in picking up the speed a bit, so we tried the next slope up from a Green to a Blue. We weren't more than a 100 feet down the slope before a path of moguls lined the way. Scott turned around in a panic and said, "You got this. Just take it slow." Immediately I looked behind me and contemplated removing my skis and climbing back to the top. Somehow I knew that could end just as badly. So I took a deep breath and slowly glided myself up and over the moguls - one by one. Mr. B was kind enough not to laugh, but I think by the end he was just as relieved as I was, that I survived without a broken arm.

That slope took close to an hour to complete and by then, my legs felt like jelly. My reward was a flavored coffee and watching really good athletes compete on a slope nearby. By mid-afternoon we made our way back to the truck. And again, I complained.
This is my "I don't want to carry these anymore" face.

Go-Pro or Bust

I hate admitting it, but I kind of enjoyed myself. Despite the rope pulley, the moguls, and the entire production it takes to ski in general, I had fun. Once I finally mastered the "pizza-pie" again and had a beer to ease my fears, I was like a speed racer out there. Okay, I may be exaggerating a tad, but it was fun watching Mr. B shred between the trees, ride the lift with young kiddos learning to ski, and smiling like a kid himself while skiing backwards. My husband was made to ski.

So much, that he suggested we ski the following weekend. Only this time, Jo-Bear was coming with me. We are on an equal playing field when it comes to talent on the slopes, so the laughter, falls and panic were twice as much. We even used a wagon this time to pull our skis to the lift. The wagons are meant for the gear of small children, but since we are beginners and far less advanced than most kids, we felt qualified to use the wagon.

Ski Transportation
Pizza-Pie Masters
Steeler Nation Skis Winter Park

We skied the bunny slopes again, made friends with strangers on the lift, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. I even made Jo join the rope pulley fun. She didn't struggle nearly as much as me, but she agreed it wasn't the easiest of things. I am telling you, coordination is just not my strong quality. After holding on for what seemed like hours, we stomped into the warm lodge from the cold wind to dry our hats by the toasty fire and eat celery straight from our Bloody Marys.

Ski Lodge Photo
Mr. B rocking the Snow Beard
Our second snowday was much colder than first and it wasn't long before we decided to pack it up. The mountain traffic driving home was brutal, but we had lots of snacks to eat and Dane Cook skits to keep us occupied. I only have two passes left, which means I am half way done for the year.

For all you skiers - here is a little preview of skiing in the Rockies.


from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

Happy Snowday, y'all.

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