Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seven Months

This last week has been the most exciting of month seven. Our couch has been the location for "Mr. & Mrs." quality time, primarily due to the flu epidemic and maybe just the pure laziness that comes with January blues.

My lack of activity led me to a lot of web-surfing. In which, I discovered a new blogger. The blogist is a newlywed, like me, and the very first post I read of hers was titled 5 ways to stay very in love. According to her and her husband, one thing that will do wonders for your marriage is piggy back rides. So guess what we started doing this month? Airplane rides.

No I am kidding. I have no balance to be an airplane and I am not sure Mr. B is strong enough to hold me, so we decided to give piggy back rides a try. I run and jump on Mr. B's back, the dog chases us, Scott holds tighter, spins around in circles, and then I usually end up letting go and falling on the floor. We laugh -and laughter my friends is what makes a marriage sweeter. I think piggy back rides will become a routine in this house.

Our month in review:

  • We spent a lot of time being sick this month. Men are needy when they are sick, women are not.
  • Mr. B is growing a beard. I call him my woolly mammoth. 
  • I woke up with a vision one morning: I wanted shelves built in our hallway closet, essentially to expand our non-existent pantry. I shared the vision with Mr. B and that evening I had shelves. It took me longer to paint them, than it did for him to build them. I love my handyman.
  • We have started watching all of the Best Picture nominated movies. Argo is in the lead. Beasts of the Southern Wild is not. We have found ourselves giggling to tears by saying [insert our best southern accent]"My name is Hushpuppy and I live in the bathtub with my Daddy."  Did she ever get out of the bathtub, some may never know. #weirdmovie #goodactress
  • It's been four years since Mr. B packed up the Budget rental truck with his friends, waved goodbye to his future wife, and moved all the way from Pennsylvania to Colorado. With that, we can be thankful for your 4 years at One Rain and the 40 extra vacation hours you were rewarded. #companyperks
  • We finally moved our love-seat from the basement, back to the living room. I am so glad I don't have to sit on the floor anymore. Disclaimer: We move our love-seat to the basement every year during the month of December, so our Christmas Tree has a spot to live. Mr. B swears a lot when he puts it back together. 
  • A girl came to our door selling Little Caesar's coupons for a school fundraiser. I declined before she even finished her sentence and Mr. B yelled at me for not supporting our youth. #heisasucker
  • Despite Mr. B's illness, he made sure he was healthy enough to attend the Camper Show this month. The Denver Convention Center hosts aisles and aisles of campers, some small and some worth more than our house. We walked away happy with the one we have...Thank God.
  • The bachelor started this month. It's my guilty pleasure and I will waste the next ten Monday evenings watching dramatic girls fight for the same man. Mr. B complains every time I turn it on. #addiction
  • We celebrated Martin Luther King day with MLK's favorite dinner: fried chicken, green beans, mac and cheese and sweet potato fries. We forgot the pecan pie. Maybe we will remember next year. This tradition is new to the Bores house. 
  • Mr.B went for his first eye exam since his last one 4 years ago. His vision hasn't changed much, but I want his glasses to change. A pair of stylish plastic frames? He says no. 
  • We joined the rest of the Bores crew for our 4th Annual Day at the Rodeo [AKA National Western Stock Show]. We wore cowboy boots and watched men fight bulls. Not Spain style, but enough to make my palms sweat. 
  • Mr. B planned an evening out and extended the invitation to his parents. We went to Sams No. 3, as featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, for a diner-kind of dinner. Carol and I didn't think it was worth the recognition, but the men disagreed with us. Supposedly, they have amazing green chili - I wouldn't know. We ended the night seeing a Broadway play called Warhorse at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. They used lifelike horse puppets in place of real ones and I still got emotional. Thanks for always choosing the best dates, Mr. B.
  • We went to Breckenridge for the International Snow-Sculpting Championship. Every artistic ability I thought I had, I was wrong. Those Canadian's are a talented bunch. Yes, the Yukon won my vote. 
  • Mr. B has been wearing his wedding ring a lot lately. I think it is safe to say he is finally getting used to it. I am sure he will prove me wrong and keep it on his nightstand for most of Month 8.
  • I still haven't received my Christmas Cards. I don't have high expectations for Valentine's Day.
  • Spring is coming early according to that darn groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. Thanks for not seeing your shadow this year, I am already dreaming of flowers. 
  • I went to Dallas for an overnight work trip this month. I still don't like it there.
  • I also spent three days in Las Vegas. I didn't gamble a cent and had enough second hand smoke to make me sick for days. Thanks for always being so welcoming.
  • We discovered a new brewery in Loveland this month called, Loveland Aleworks. We may become frequent visitors -- Good beer, great atmosphere, and close to the dog park. Cheers to that. 
  • I joined Vine recently. Another photo app addiction, just what I needed. Mr. B refuses to participate. He said the same about Instagram and look who's posting now.
  • We've been complaining about clutter a lot. In fact, it was the basis of several marital arguments the last few weeks. I blame him and he blames me. So last Saturday we decided SIMPLIFY would be the word of the day. We cleaned out closets, drawers, cabinets, catch-alls, nooks and crannies and packed up a whole truck load to donate to Goodwill. Purging feels good, real good.  
  • We finally broke in our ski passes and visited Winter Park. There's just something about seeing a man ski down a snowy slope that makes the production of getting all your gear on totally worth it. Perhaps, it's in the hip sway? I still "pizza-pie" my way down the mountain, which is not sexy in any way. 
  • Instead of going to Nashville (as planned) to celebrate our one year anniversary, we will be visiting Napa Valley celebrating the wedded bliss of a close friend. The cowboys can wait, wine always come first.
  • The "rid-the-house-of-honey-oak" project is still going strong, but I can officially say, the upstairs is 98% complete. Painted baseboards, check. All new doors bought, check. All doors painted, mortised and hung, check. Why 2% left? Well I neglected to paint the closet baseboards [who sees those anyway?!] and Mr. B refuses to half-ass anything. They will get painted eventually, just not now. There was a lot of cussing, paint covered clothes, and messy spaces, but I'm totally in love with the bright white. Mr. B hates admitting it, but he agrees. Now, on to the downstairs... maybe we should hire someone?

Mr. B rolled out of bed this morning and per usual routine, set off for the shower, got out, and headed to the kitchen for a breakfast treat while I was still snuggled under the covers. Before I had time to decide if I wanted to break free of my warm cocoon, my woolly mammoth returned, stood at the doorway and said, "Happy Seventh Month Anniversary." Although the smallest gesture, it made my heart swoon. 

Seven months, Mr. B!!! Who would have thought these would be the fastest months of our lives. Fastest, but greatest.

In closing, I asked my husband if he had any thoughts about this last month together and these are the words he used: sickly, flemmy and couchy. Did he make those up? I think. Glad he only thinks of the bad things. On a good note, we are already feeling healthier, so month 8 is looking up!

Canadian Yukon Snow Sculpture

Loveland Aleworks

We are off to celebrate with a beer. xo.

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