Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Six Months

We celebrated our six month anniversary on the couch.

Mr. B has been battling the flu for the last week and a sick husband, means a demanding husband. I have been chasing him with the Lysol can and pumping him full of over the counter meds. Thankfully my "overdose on Orange Juice" plan is working and I haven't come down with the illness...yet! I've tried to rebuild his immune system as well, by making him eat a cutie - one of those tiny oranges - every time I pass through the kitchen. I think he was ready to go back to work just so I didn't force him to eat anymore. Little did he know, I packed one in his lunch. He loves me anyway.

Sick Husband
Happy Six Months

Here is our month six recap:

  • We finally completed our wedding thank you cards. They were sent along with our Christmas cards, oops. Call us tacky, we deserve it. 
  • Mr. B celebrated his 27th birthday this month. I took him to a Brazilian Steakhouse to celebrate, with plans of going to the movies afterwards. Turns out, all that meat put us in a food coma, so we came home and went to bed instead. Sign of old age?
  • Mrs. B purchased a swanky watch as a birthday gift for Mr. B. He wears it more than his wedding band. 
  • My sister-in-law and I spent an entire afternoon at our mother-in-law's learning how bake her infamous Christmas cookies. We learned we've been measuring flour wrong all these years and may or may not have flung batter on the ceiling. I am not sure we will be asked back next year, but we sure did have fun.
  • We went on our first snowy hike this month. Our snowshoes came along, but we used our brand new snow boots instead. Thanks Carie Behe, we love Keen Footwear.
  • We celebrated our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. I was so excited to give Mr B a "husband" Christmas card and even spent an hour in Hallmark choosing the perfect one. My cards, from him, are still sitting in his desk drawer, unsigned. 
  • We traveled to Pennsylvania to to ring in the New Year. Mr. B was asleep on the couch before midnight. If New Years Eve is any indication of what's to come, then 2013 is going to be a very romantic year. Can you sense my sarcasm?
  • While on the east coast, we were able to see a lot of our friends and reminisce our wedding week. Can we relive it?
  • Scott convinced me to refinance our house. I suppose we better start enjoying this small town, we're going to be here for awhile. 
  • I traveled to Portland for the first time this month (for a work trip). It rained every.single.day, but I loved it. Plus, I was able to cross another state off my list and put a pin in our U.S.A. map. That always makes me smile.
  • I upgraded my cellphone this month and converted from Team Droid to Team iPhone. Mr. B almost divorced me because of it. 
  • I babysat this month, for the first time since my nieces were babies. I had to change a poopie diaper and can assure you, I AM NOT READY FOR KIDS. I think Scott is.
  • Mr. B had to get new tires on his truck this month. I now know why I've kept my 2001 Hyundai. Big tires aren't cheap. 
  • We have not picked up a paint brush since last month. We are still doorless upstairs and all the baseboards downstairs are still honey oak. We have our work cut out for us. 
  • Santa brought Mr. B a GoPro camera. He has visions of attaching it to the dog, his truck, his kayak, his ski helmet and every other moving object we own. Interesting videos to come, stay tuned. 
  • Living with a sick man for the last 8 days is enough encouragement to make us get the flu shot next year. I can assure you, Mr. B does not want to go through this two years in a row.
  • I have found myself collapsing (within a reasonable distance) next to Mr. B and getting lost in the TV series called Homeland. Sick or not, it has kept us entertained. We are addicted. 
  • My Word of the Year has been termed: More. I want to walk more, so in turn Monty has become my exercise partner. We've been walking (and attempting jogging) one mile a day. We are on day six. I hope it lasts. 
  • Mr. B has given up on P90X just as I expected. Although, I think when he finally feels better, Tony Horton may join his lifestyle again.  
  • We've prayed and thought a lot this month, for the families, victims, and first responders affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. There are no words to describe the heartbreak, but we pray for hope. Hope for better laws, hope for the mentally ill, hope for healing and strength.
Each month, I've asked Mr. B to summarize his feelings. This time his reply was, "It was magical" -- in the most monotone voice you can imagine. Funny how he can write poems for his wife on random holidays, yet he has nothing exciting to say about our marriage. Should I be worried?

Although we spent our 6 month anniversay celebrating on the couch, I am thankful for sick days. They bring us just a little closer than we were the day before. Seeing someone at their worst, makes you appreciate all the other days in the month when they are healthy and happy. 

Lots of love Mr. B. We are well on our way to celebrating one year of wedded bliss. 

Mr. B's Best Friends
My Boys
Snowy Hike
On to month seven. 

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  1. A few comments after reading your adorable 6th month post..first of all..I've had 2 rum and cokes and should probably not be commenting :)

    Second- have you tried the Vitamin C gummies? OMG they're amazing. You must. I eat them like candy anytime I feel a cold coming on or anyone around me is sick. They work.

    Third- I love that Scott is Mr.B is every post except the refinancing the house one.

    Fourth- We sent out Save the Dates with Christmas Cards. Don't think you can get any tackier than that.

    Fifth-It's nice to hear of someone else not ready for kids :) Although you'd be adorable pregnant, I love your life as is. For now.

    Sixth- Those pictures are GORGEOUS.



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