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My First Christmas as a Mrs - 2012

Happy New Year. Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas. Although we are supposed to be back in our routine, I am distracted trying to process the last two weeks of our Christmas vacation. It feels like yesterday when I shut down my work computer, joined Scott after work for our Annual Trip to the Cheese Importers, and excitedly said, "We have the next 12 days off work!" 

Christmas Eve Eve was spent at our house. For the last three years, we have hosted Christmas Eve dinner with the Bores and it's one of my favorite days of the year to prepare for. It is not often that we host dinners at our house and given the time of year, this one is extra special. I skipped the stuffed shells this year and opted for my husbands cooking skills - a juicy ham, smoked to perfection. In place of making the pasta, I spent the afternoon learning how to properly clean my stove top and perfecting my mother-in-laws chocolate chip cookie recipe. Next year, I will skip the stove cleaning and go back to making the pasta!

Christmas Eve 2012 - Third Christmas in Our House
First Christmas Married

In years past we have celebrated the Bores Family Christmas when all of our schedules aligned, which was usually sometime during the week between Christmas and New Years. However, this year, the stars aligned and we were able to celebrate on the actual day. We wore our Santa hats, drank wine from sippy cups, made fun of each other while playing "The Five Second Rule", and indulged in a seafood feast. The day was festive, indeed.

Bores Family Christmas 2012
Bores Family Christmas 2011

Not much has changed (not even our position), except there is one less blonde and one more brunette. 

Christmas morning greeted us with couple inches of snow. It wasn't much, but enough to make my giddy, inner child run outside in snow boots with the camera in hand. 

White Christmas 2012
Happy birthday Baby Jesus.

Scott and I turned on the fireplace. We made coffee for him, tea for me, and sat down around the tree to exchange gifts. Growing up, Santa always brought gifts in our stocking, but not like at the Bores house. Stocking stuffers are the main event and that tradition has now become just as special in our house. We emptied our stockings to find LOTS of tiny presents, each wrapped individually. We started there and ended with some other exciting things left under the tree. 

Meet our present opener: Monty
Handbuilt and sanded to perfection, by Mr. B
Beating me, of course.

A thoughtful gift - a personalized note from my favorite blogging duo, Young House Love.
Mr. B, reached out directly and in return, they sent him this note to add to my book. To say I was giddy, was an understatement.

I think we made Santa's "good" list this year. 

After Christmas, we took off towards the East Coast. We spent five days visiting my family, seeing friends, and eating Sheetz food on a daily basis. It was so enjoyable to wake up to have a cup of tea with my mama each morning; to beg my brother (over and over) to tell me funny stories; and to sing Karaoke with my wild sister while we drank like fish at the local bar. 

We celebrated my family Christmas with a Thanksgiving-like dinner, a table full of people playing Apples to Apples, and 500 attempts at family photos. Okay, I exaggerated, maybe it was only 50, but I know Mr. B secretly enjoyed setting up his camera tripod and the alcohol made us all a little more patient silly. 

Family Photo 2012 - Take One
Family Photo 2012 - Take Two
Christmas 2012 - Mama and her kids

Another highlight of our trip was celebrating the Ferry Family Christmas. We joined the whole crew at my Aunt Vicky's, but due to a snow storm that passed through and a cold that left one feeling under the weather, a few were missing. While some family members fried oysters, others cheered for the Steelers. Presents were opened, good food was eaten and stories were told. The day was topped off with whiskey sours and changing diapers of great, great grand-babies. The day was joyful and was a good way to bring the Annual Christmas cheer to an end.

Grandma and her Kids - Minus One
Grandma and her Grandkids - Minus a few

Although, it is always sad leaving, we were greeted with sunshine and wet dog kisses upon our arrival home on Wednesday. Our back to the grind includes a sick husband (he has the flu and is demanding), an empty fridge, and a work to-do list that is half the length of my desk. Nice to meet you, 2013. I am hoping the start of next week will be a little nicer to us. 

I always enjoy reflecting on Christmas Past and thought you may too:
Christmas Eve 2009 - First Year in Our Apartment
Christmas Eve 2010 - First Christmas in Our House
Christmas Eve 2011 - Second Christmas in Our House

I sat on the couch next to Scott as we scrolled through these photos. His immediate reaction was, "We are getting old." Mine was, "You haven't changed." With each passing year, we add more memories and more photos to our Christmas Book. That makes me happy, whether we are getting older or not.

2012 was a memorable year for me in one significant way - I changed my last name. It's not very often you can say that you got yourself a brand new social security card. And by doing so, I married the man I am meant to grow old with. We are a good team and I learn more about him every day. I am lucky to call Mr. B my husband and look forward to new experiences with him in 2013. We will celebrate our One Year Anniversary in July and have a lot of new adventures planned. Bring it 2013 - we are looking forward to you.

A list of Resolutions, in no particular order:
1. Be a better person - love more and gossip less
2. Read more - my goal is 20 books this year 
3. Be in the kitchen more - make one new recipe a week
4. Join Yoga Class or start walking more
5. Go to church more - talk to God often
6. Be a better wife - be more grateful and nag just a little less
7. Blog more, document more, write more
8. Learn more - take a class on something new (Fly Fishing is on my list)
9. Purge more, keep less 
10. Less eyeliner, more lipstick

Do you see a trend here? I did. I am new to the "Word of the Year" concept, but wanted to give it a try. Essentially, all you have to do is choose one word that has potential to inspire you and create intention in your life. I learned this from Layla over at The Lettered Cottage and I am looking forward to incorporating My Word into my thoughts and goals all year long.  


The Lettered Cottage

What's yours?

I am off to put a frozen pizza in the oven and feed my sick husband. Number three on the resolution list will start next week. Smile. 

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  1. Crap. you did it again. I'm sitting here awe-ing over your poetic writing skills and wonderful photos. I love every story you tell Kylie. It makes me feel like we are back in high school and the best of friends again :) I miss you from all the way across the country. But glad we stay connected.. Ok back to what I should be doing. work! love to you and your sweet husband. and a very happy 2013!
    - Leah (formerly known as LT!)


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