Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Ahead

I am sitting here wrapped in a wool sweater, tangled in a quilt handmade by my aunt, sipping licorice root and peppermint hot tea out of the only fancy teacup I own, and watching Ellen in the background. I am not feeling a hundred percent well. I blame the lingering flu germs my husband has been sharing and the smokey casino air I breathed for 2 days earlier this week at Caesar's Palace. I swear it's hard to force yourself to go outside, when everything you need is in this palace of a building. My lungs hated me for it. And now I hate myself for it. 

Things have been slow in the Bores household. It may be the most boring January I have lived, to date. Mr. B has been sick, I've been traveling, and any spare time we've had has been spent tackling the "rid-the-house-of-honey-oak" project. We are off to a great start, aren't we? That's alright, we have 11 months left to make 2013 better than last year and looking ahead, there is going to be a pretty close competition.  

In the month of love, my childhood friend and her husband will be traveling from the Pennsylvania to sleep at the Bores Nest. We will be brewery hopping, teaching them how to hike with snowshoes on their feet, showing them what Denver's nightlife has to offer, and playing games like we did in grade school. Her husband may be my favorite story teller [next to my brother], and I am looking forward to reminiscing old stories and making new ones along the way.

In the later part of February, we plan to fly to the East Coast and explore the City of Raleigh. At the first company I worked, I made two life long friends, and in the process, their wives became just as close. Now one couple lives in Pennsylvania, the other lives in North Carolina and here we are living just east of the Rocky Mountains. Due to our placements on the map, we don't get to see each other often, but when we do, it's like we never left the office --- discussing weekend adventures on Monday mornings, attending yoga class on Tuesdays, eating ice cream and hot dogs on Wednesdays, listening to Dane Cook on Thursdays, and having chair races on Fridays. We are a good bunch and have been through a lot together. I am really looking forward to a three day sleepover to celebrate our friendship - it's what we've always done and really, what we do best.  

In the middle of March we will be joining our Atlanta friends for our 2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day hoorah. We will be traveling to Savannah, Georgia which according to national statistics, puts on one of the best Irish gigs in the US. We had to book our hotel 8 months ago, if that gives you any indication of how many people we may be chugging green beers next too. These are the same friends that drove 10 hours to spend 24 hours with us in NOLA in November, the same friends who started the "Steeler Challenge" and the same friends who enjoy going to new places as much as we do. We are looking forward to dressing like leprechauns and finding our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  When you drink as many moscow mules as we do, that last statement may have some truth to it. 

In June, we will be heading out on a ten day camping trip to see Old Faithful erupt 185 feet into the air. Yes, Mr. B is literally counting down the minutes. This will be the longest camping trip I've ever done! And to think, before I met him the most I had ever camped was in my front yard for a birthday party one year. I may regret this. Thank God our camper has a toilet! 

In July, rather than celebrating our one year of wedded bliss with cowboys and girls in Nashville (as originally planned), we will be heading to the West Coast to watch another close couple tie the knot in Napa Valley. Wine will be drunk, golf will be played, Yosemite will be seen, the Golden Gate will be driven, and friends will be made. This trip...I am counting down the minutes. 

One of my New Year's resolutions was to "blog more" -- and although January was slow, my dear readers, you have a lot to look forward to this year. I already expect next month will be bursting with love, life, adventures and new things to blog about. 

Until then, enjoy looking back at one of our best years to date and all the joy it brought with it. Our 2012 Year in Review, created by the talented Mr. B.

Year in Review 2012
from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Six Months

We celebrated our six month anniversary on the couch.

Mr. B has been battling the flu for the last week and a sick husband, means a demanding husband. I have been chasing him with the Lysol can and pumping him full of over the counter meds. Thankfully my "overdose on Orange Juice" plan is working and I haven't come down with the illness...yet! I've tried to rebuild his immune system as well, by making him eat a cutie - one of those tiny oranges - every time I pass through the kitchen. I think he was ready to go back to work just so I didn't force him to eat anymore. Little did he know, I packed one in his lunch. He loves me anyway.

Sick Husband
Happy Six Months

Here is our month six recap:

  • We finally completed our wedding thank you cards. They were sent along with our Christmas cards, oops. Call us tacky, we deserve it. 
  • Mr. B celebrated his 27th birthday this month. I took him to a Brazilian Steakhouse to celebrate, with plans of going to the movies afterwards. Turns out, all that meat put us in a food coma, so we came home and went to bed instead. Sign of old age?
  • Mrs. B purchased a swanky watch as a birthday gift for Mr. B. He wears it more than his wedding band. 
  • My sister-in-law and I spent an entire afternoon at our mother-in-law's learning how bake her infamous Christmas cookies. We learned we've been measuring flour wrong all these years and may or may not have flung batter on the ceiling. I am not sure we will be asked back next year, but we sure did have fun.
  • We went on our first snowy hike this month. Our snowshoes came along, but we used our brand new snow boots instead. Thanks Carie Behe, we love Keen Footwear.
  • We celebrated our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. I was so excited to give Mr B a "husband" Christmas card and even spent an hour in Hallmark choosing the perfect one. My cards, from him, are still sitting in his desk drawer, unsigned. 
  • We traveled to Pennsylvania to to ring in the New Year. Mr. B was asleep on the couch before midnight. If New Years Eve is any indication of what's to come, then 2013 is going to be a very romantic year. Can you sense my sarcasm?
  • While on the east coast, we were able to see a lot of our friends and reminisce our wedding week. Can we relive it?
  • Scott convinced me to refinance our house. I suppose we better start enjoying this small town, we're going to be here for awhile. 
  • I traveled to Portland for the first time this month (for a work trip). It rained, but I loved it. Plus, I was able to cross another state off my list and put a pin in our U.S.A. map. That always makes me smile.
  • I upgraded my cellphone this month and converted from Team Droid to Team iPhone. Mr. B almost divorced me because of it. 
  • I babysat this month, for the first time since my nieces were babies. I had to change a poopie diaper and can assure you, I AM NOT READY FOR KIDS. I think Scott is.
  • Mr. B had to get new tires on his truck this month. I now know why I've kept my 2001 Hyundai. Big tires aren't cheap. 
  • We have not picked up a paint brush since last month. We are still doorless upstairs and all the baseboards downstairs are still honey oak. We have our work cut out for us. 
  • Santa brought Mr. B a GoPro camera. He has visions of attaching it to the dog, his truck, his kayak, his ski helmet and every other moving object we own. Interesting videos to come, stay tuned. 
  • Living with a sick man for the last 8 days is enough encouragement to make us get the flu shot next year. I can assure you, Mr. B does not want to go through this two years in a row.
  • I have found myself collapsing (within a reasonable distance) next to Mr. B and getting lost in the TV series called Homeland. Sick or not, it has kept us entertained. We are addicted. 
  • My Word of the Year has been termed: More. I want to walk more, so in turn Monty has become my exercise partner. We've been walking (and attempting jogging) one mile a day. We are on day six. I hope it lasts. 
  • Mr. B has given up on P90X just as I expected. Although, I think when he finally feels better, Tony Horton may join his lifestyle again.  
  • We've prayed and thought a lot this month, for the families, victims, and first responders affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. There are no words to describe the heartbreak, but we pray for hope. Hope for better laws, hope for the mentally ill, hope for healing and strength.
Each month, I've asked Mr. B to summarize his feelings. This time his reply was, "It was magical" -- in the most monotone voice you can imagine. Funny how he can write poems for his wife on random holidays, yet he has nothing exciting to say about our marriage. Should I be worried?

Although we spent our 6 month anniversay celebrating on the couch, I am thankful for sick days. They bring us just a little closer than we were the day before. Seeing someone at their worst, makes you appreciate all the other days in the month when they are healthy and happy. 

Lots of love Mr. B. We are well on our way to celebrating one year of wedded bliss. 

Mr. B's Best Friends
My Boys
Snowy Hike
On to month seven. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My First Christmas as a Mrs - 2012

Happy New Year. Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas. Although we are supposed to be back in our routine, I am distracted trying to process the last two weeks of our Christmas vacation. It feels like yesterday when I shut down my work computer, joined Scott after work for our Annual Trip to the Cheese Importers, and excitedly said, "We have the next 12 days off work!" 

Christmas Eve Eve was spent at our house. For the last three years, we have hosted Christmas Eve dinner with the Bores and it's one of my favorite days of the year to prepare for. It is not often that we host dinners at our house and given the time of year, this one is extra special. I skipped the stuffed shells this year and opted for my husbands cooking skills - a juicy ham, smoked to perfection. In place of making the pasta, I spent the afternoon learning how to properly clean my stove top and perfecting my mother-in-laws chocolate chip cookie recipe. Next year, I will skip the stove cleaning and go back to making the pasta!

Christmas Eve 2012 - Third Christmas in Our House
First Christmas Married

In years past we have celebrated the Bores Family Christmas when all of our schedules aligned, which was usually sometime during the week between Christmas and New Years. However, this year, the stars aligned and we were able to celebrate on the actual day. We wore our Santa hats, drank wine from sippy cups, made fun of each other while playing "The Five Second Rule", and indulged in a seafood feast. The day was festive, indeed.

Bores Family Christmas 2012
Bores Family Christmas 2011

Not much has changed (not even our position), except there is one less blonde and one more brunette. 

Christmas morning greeted us with couple inches of snow. It wasn't much, but enough to make my giddy, inner child run outside in snow boots with the camera in hand. 

White Christmas 2012
Happy birthday Baby Jesus.

Scott and I turned on the fireplace. We made coffee for him, tea for me, and sat down around the tree to exchange gifts. Growing up, Santa always brought gifts in our stocking, but not like at the Bores house. Stocking stuffers are the main event and that tradition has now become just as special in our house. We emptied our stockings to find LOTS of tiny presents, each wrapped individually. We started there and ended with some other exciting things left under the tree. 

Meet our present opener: Monty
Handbuilt and sanded to perfection, by Mr. B
Beating me, of course.

A thoughtful gift - a personalized note from my favorite blogging duo, Young House Love.
Mr. B, reached out directly and in return, they sent him this note to add to my book. To say I was giddy, was an understatement.

I think we made Santa's "good" list this year. 

After Christmas, we took off towards the East Coast. We spent five days visiting my family, seeing friends, and eating Sheetz food on a daily basis. It was so enjoyable to wake up to have a cup of tea with my mama each morning; to beg my brother (over and over) to tell me funny stories; and to sing Karaoke with my wild sister while we drank like fish at the local bar. 

We celebrated my family Christmas with a Thanksgiving-like dinner, a table full of people playing Apples to Apples, and 500 attempts at family photos. Okay, I exaggerated, maybe it was only 50, but I know Mr. B secretly enjoyed setting up his camera tripod and the alcohol made us all a little more patient silly. 

Family Photo 2012 - Take One
Family Photo 2012 - Take Two
Christmas 2012 - Mama and her kids

Another highlight of our trip was celebrating the Ferry Family Christmas. We joined the whole crew at my Aunt Vicky's, but due to a snow storm that passed through and a cold that left one feeling under the weather, a few were missing. While some family members fried oysters, others cheered for the Steelers. Presents were opened, good food was eaten and stories were told. The day was topped off with whiskey sours and changing diapers of great, great grand-babies. The day was joyful and was a good way to bring the Annual Christmas cheer to an end.

Grandma and her Kids - Minus One
Grandma and her Grandkids - Minus a few

Although, it is always sad leaving, we were greeted with sunshine and wet dog kisses upon our arrival home on Wednesday. Our back to the grind includes a sick husband (he has the flu and is demanding), an empty fridge, and a work to-do list that is half the length of my desk. Nice to meet you, 2013. I am hoping the start of next week will be a little nicer to us. 

I always enjoy reflecting on Christmas Past and thought you may too:
Christmas Eve 2009 - First Year in Our Apartment
Christmas Eve 2010 - First Christmas in Our House
Christmas Eve 2011 - Second Christmas in Our House

I sat on the couch next to Scott as we scrolled through these photos. His immediate reaction was, "We are getting old." Mine was, "You haven't changed." With each passing year, we add more memories and more photos to our Christmas Book. That makes me happy, whether we are getting older or not.

2012 was a memorable year for me in one significant way - I changed my last name. It's not very often you can say that you got yourself a brand new social security card. And by doing so, I married the man I am meant to grow old with. We are a good team and I learn more about him every day. I am lucky to call Mr. B my husband and look forward to new experiences with him in 2013. We will celebrate our One Year Anniversary in July and have a lot of new adventures planned. Bring it 2013 - we are looking forward to you.

A list of Resolutions, in no particular order:
1. Be a better person - love more and gossip less
2. Read more - my goal is 20 books this year 
3. Be in the kitchen more - make one new recipe a week
4. Join Yoga Class or start walking more
5. Go to church more - talk to God often
6. Be a better wife - be more grateful and nag just a little less
7. Blog more, document more, write more
8. Learn more - take a class on something new (Fly Fishing is on my list)
9. Purge more, keep less 
10. Less eyeliner, more lipstick

Do you see a trend here? I did. I am new to the "Word of the Year" concept, but wanted to give it a try. Essentially, all you have to do is choose one word that has potential to inspire you and create intention in your life. I learned this from Layla over at The Lettered Cottage and I am looking forward to incorporating My Word into my thoughts and goals all year long.  


The Lettered Cottage

What's yours?

I am off to put a frozen pizza in the oven and feed my sick husband. Number three on the resolution list will start next week. Smile. 
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