Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Nordman Fir

We adopted a seven foot tall evergreen this weekend. We call him Nordman, Nordman Fir Bores.  Nordman has soft, dark green pine needles, that sometimes give off a "snow-like affect" depending on how the light hits the branches. Mr. B noticed him rather quickly upon our arrival, but I continued looking. I needed to get a good look at all the others, before I was ready to make my decision.  After making our rounds, we ended up right back at Nordman.  He was hanging instead of lying, which meant he had the most perfect shape. He had a chubby bottom and a non-crooked branch at the top that would fit our star just right. He would be the perfect addition to our family room this year and bring that last bit of Christmas spirit that we needed.

Welcome to the Bores house, Nordman Fir

Let's backtrack: I met Andrea for a Christmas luncheon Saturday morning. We sipped coffee, enjoyed a tasty lunch, met some wonderful people and listened to a powerful speaker remind us what is important this season. It was inspiring and heart warming. There is no other way to explain it. 

It was 60 degrees outside, but I left feeling in the Christmas spirit. I returned home to a cranky husband and tired dog (they were hiking while was at the luncheon). We had made plans the night before to pick out our tree and I had all intention of sticking to that plan, but Mr. B was trying to convince me to go to the local grocery store to pick it out. It was a closer drive than the nursery and he thought the prices would be a little cheaper. Let's face it, he wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit like I was and was dreaming of a quick return so he could take a nap. I, however, was not going to let my spirit be dampened by choosing our tree at the same place I buy my Christmas dinner. It just didn't seem right. 

I won. So we headed North to the same nursery that we stumbled upon last year. They have the best selection of trees. They hang most of their trees from trellis' overhead so they maintain their perfect shape. Their employees are professionals - if you have any concerns about the evergreen you plan to bring in your house, they know the answer. Once you pick your tree, they trim the bottom and load it in your vehicle. You don't have to lift a finger. They invite Santa and his reindeer to fly in from the North Pole and offer hot cocoa and apple cider to their guests. With the Christmas jingles playing in the background, it makes for one heck of a Christmas-tree-picking-experience and I look forward to it every year. Earlier in the day, during the heat of our christmas-tree-location argument, I believe Mr. B may have, in so may words, called me childish for wanting to see the reindeer. I think he forgot I am a child at heart. I love all things Christmas, including reindeer. Even if they are really called Caribou every other month of the year. 
The Tree "Farm"

I said, "You are one of the best Santa's I've ever seen." He said, "Bless you child."

Meet Vixen

Nordman arrived home in the bed of Scott's pickup and was carried inside to be placed right in the center of our big bay window. Mr. B turned on some Christmas tunes, while I carried up bins from the basement full of lights and ornaments. He set up his camera and we got to work. In year's past Scott has helped string the lights and then suddenly I find him sound asleep on the couch, leaving me to decorate by myself. This year he had visions of creating a Christmas Tree time-lapse and stayed awake until every last ornament was placed on Nordmans weak branches. 

Our North Star 

A Christmas Kiss

Decking the Halls

Our tree skirt: I hope gets passed through the generations.

Always a special ornament.

A little gift my sister gave me when I moved. It's always a favorite on the tree.

Hope each of you are enjoying the spirit of Christmas. I have been listening to Elvis' Classic Christmas Album for 2 weeks now. It reminds me of family Christmas' spent in California years ago and my Dad singing Blue Christmas, as if he were Elvis himself. I love these small reminders of Christmas times passed, and look forward to making many more memories this season. We are off to a good start. 

Grab your slippers and do a little dance around your Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy this sweet video made by the Mr. as much as I do.

Rockin the Christmas Tree
from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

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  1. The ending is my favorite part! He always steals the show. So excited to see you and Scott after Christmas!



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