Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Months

Happy F:O:U:R months Mr. B! Can you believe it has been 4 sweet months since we were dancing away with our family and friends and celebrating our wedded bliss? I never want our celebration to end. And as tradition holds, here is a recap of our last month. 

  • I am currently 8 months away from completing my Invisalign treatment and will hopefully have straight teeth again. However, if I continue leaving my "teeth" wrapped up in a napkin at restaurants, like I did this month, I might have an additional 8 months added to that treatment plan. I blamed Mr. B of course, because it was his idea to stop for a beer and appetizer. 
  • We went to the pumpkin patch earlier this month and picked out two very large pumpkins. I carved mine, Mr. B didn't. He broke tradition.
At the Pumpkin Patch

  • We had our annual Bores Birthday Celebration this month. Each of us is a "Summer Baby" except for Scott and we've learned it's easier to celebrate our birthdays all at once instead of trying to find time in our schedules to meet 5 various times in a 3 month period. Then again, that would mean 5 separate birthday cakes - maybe we are doing this all wrong. Although, this year my mother-in-law made her famous heath-bar cake with the candle numbers "241" sunk into the icing. That number symbolizes the amount of years we've all lived to-date. I loved that and now know where Mr. B gets his creativity!
Fun, huh?

  • Mr B ordered birthday gifts for his dad and brother on Amazon this month. He got suckered into the Amazon Prime promotion for free shipping and decided one night while I was at bible study that he needed to make the best use of that free shipping. So he ordered a pull up bar and stretch bands to finally start the P90X he's had sitting around for 2 years. He now is testing his strength with Tony Horton every night and hopes to have pectoral muscles in 90 days. Does this mean I have to start working out now?
  • We have been discussing our 2013 vacations and I have finally agreed to do the drive to Yellowstone National Park. The rest of the Bores have been there and it's time I join the club. Old Faithful, here I come! Mr. B, I am going to apologize to you in advance for being a terrible passenger on the 10 hour drive. 
  • Monty celebrated his third birthday this month. I bought him a dog bed that cost way too much money. It's made with some heavy canvas material. It has a removable and washable cover and pillow. It has a lifetime guarantee. And guess what, the damn dog chewed the corner off this weekend. It was the first time I yelled louder than Mr B.
  • We joined Jo and Trevor at their neighbors annual Halloween party this month. Three of us girls planned our costumes weeks in advance. Scott planned his 3 hours before the party. He gathered a sombrero, a ladies scarf and a Buzz Lightyear pinata (they were out of the traditional Donkeys) and shaved off his beard to leave a creepy mustache. I went as a taco sauce from Taco Bell and he was my Mexican Owner. We had a little too much to drink, but boy did we have fun. 
Happy Halloween 2012

  • We had our first snow this month. Since I've moved here, we've had a snow storm every single October. It never fails. Maybe it's time to move back?
First Snow 10/25/2012

  • Mr B took me on a date this month. He knows I love burgers, so he took me to a place called Stuft. It's a "build it yourself (BIY)" burger kind of place and it's now my new favorite restaurant. We both enjoyed a BIY burger on a warm glazed donut. Yes a donut and it was AWESOME. Thanks for always introducing me to new places, Mr B. I love you for that. 
  • I had two friends this month send me colorful leaves from Pennsylvania. One was in an envelope, where I chose my favorites and have them preserving in book pages. The other was an entire box full of leaves. I imagine my friend, Ashley, raked a pile of leaves for her son and then made him help her transfer them from the cool Pennsylvania ground into a nice box to be taken to UPS. That "pile" of leaves destroyed my living room, but the dog and I had a blast!
Pile of Pennsylvania Leaves

  • I found one of my new favorite bloggers on Pinterest last week and spent too many hours reorganizing my "boards" to match hers. It wasn't the best way to spend my time, but in the process I found several DIY projects I had forgotten about that will keep Mr. B busy throughout the Winter. I love that I married a handyman.
  • The first DIY project of the season was a photo gallery wall. Mr. B is a stickler for straight lines and may have swore a time or two in the process, but give your husband a coffee mixed with a little Jameson and you'll never hear them complain. Wife Lesson #1.
Told ya it looked good :)

  • I ordered the wedding canvas earlier in the week, but haven't even begun to work on my wedding album. Is there a time limit on that?
  • Our house was built in the 90's and its lined with honey oak wood in every direction. It dates our house the second you step in the front door. I have been begging Mr. B to let me paint the baseboards for a little over a year now and I finally got him to agree. He removed almost all of the baseboards from the upstairs on Saturday night and I spent all day Sunday painting. I regretted it the second I realized how time consuming this was going to be, but I am already falling in love with the progress. Thank you for finally listening to your wife, Mr. B. A happy wife, means a happy life, right?
The Start of Crisp White Trim

  • I started listening to Christmas music on November 1st. The hubby thinks I am a month to early. 
  • Mr B finally joined "GrahamCracker" [AKA Instagram]. He did it to stalk my photos, but now he is finally adding some of his own. Welcome to the addiction club.
  • I think we've decided to head to the land of country music for our one year anniversary - Nashville. Neither of us have been there, we both love country music, and I am not going to lie, I really want to see my husband in tight jeans, cowboy boots and a hat. More than likely, he won't participate and I will be wandering the streets of Nashville, drooling over country men. 
  • I started a new marriage tradition this month. I found an old mason jar that we used at our wedding, created a label and named it our "Thankful Jar". Each day we are writing something we are thankful for and putting it in the jar (without sharing with one another). At the end of the month, we will empty the jar and read them together. Mr B, I am thankful for you each and every day.

  • This month Hurricane Sandy rocked the East Coast - a place where my heart still lives. Best said from a favorite blogger"Ultimately, I know we are once again going to be impressed with the resilience of NYC and surrounding areas because they overcome...that's what they do.  But they need help." You can help! We donated to the RedCross and the Humane Society (They are working to rescue animals that were left behind to provide shelter for them). 
  • Text HUMANE to 80888 to quickly and easily donate $10 to the Humane Society.  
  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to quickly and easily donate $10 to the Red Cross. 

This time change has my internal clock a little off. I was wide awake at 6:00AM this morning, laying in bed surfing facebook and looking at Instagram. I finally arose when Scott's alarm went off and when I remembered the date, I yelled loudly from the bathroom, "Guess what - today, we have been married for 4 months!" Sleepy boy shouted back, "This calls for a celebration. If we can make it 4 months, we can make it through anything."  Our 4 month celebration this month will take place later this week in New Orleans. We are both NOLA virgins and cannot wait to enjoy some good cajun food and explore the French Quarter. Plus, we have friends from Atlanta driving to meet us. Call them crazy, but we are counting the minutes until we are reunited - Steeler Nation Style :)

We are off to begin month five in one of my favorite months of the year - the month that kicks off the holidays. 

I love you Mr B - more than I did four months ago.

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