Saturday, October 6, 2012

Three Months

It's hard to believe it's been three months since our wedding. We really didn't have anything in particular planned to celebrate. Instead we spent an entire evening rearranging and reorganizing our office. I needed a change of scenery, at least that's what Mr. B thought when I asked for his help with all the heavy lifting. Three hours later and still not agreeing on an arrangement - I made the mistake of mentioning the only reason I wanted to do this was to hang curtains [in the previous set up, my desk was against the window and prevented me from having long panel curtains]. Had he known that from the beginning, he said he would have left it exactly the way it was. What happened to "a happy wife means a happy life!" 

We finally agreed on the last possible option. While admiring the new set-up, we ordered a pizza and ate sitting on the floor of the office - how romantic!

Office Extravaganza

To make up for the lack of excitement, we have tickets to an Alanis Morissette concert later this week. I never met a guy who had every Alanis album, until I met Mr. B. He's been a fan for years. Only problem, we know all of her old music and nothing from her new albums. Either way, I am sure we will enjoy ourselves.  I just hope she shaves her armpits these days.

Here are a couple of thoughts from month three:

  • We combined our bank accounts. What's his is mine and what's mine is still mine.  
  • I bought a box of Fall Tasty Cakes. Lesson learned, buy two next time. Mr. B will eat the entire box in two days. 
  • We started our co-ed kickball league this month with our friends, Jo and Trevor. We complain every week, yet have a blast while we are there. Mr. B comes home with a new bruise every time.
  • We barely spent any time at home during the month of September. We had visitors in town, sales meetings and tradeshows to attend, camping weekends planned, and a long awaited trip to Minnesota. By the end of the month, we were both ready for October.
  • My cousin Seany visited for the Steeler/Bronco season opener. The Steelers lost and we blame him. Yet, we still love him. He is the one person who has visited the most since we've moved to Colorado. I am convinced one of these times, he will just stay for good.
  • We flew to Minnesota to celebrate Scott's Grandma's 95th birthday. I want to live to celebrate my 95th birthday someday. Scott doesn't.
  • We have been discussing our December trip to NYC a lot lately. Places to stay, things to do, and tourist attractions to visit. Mr. B wants to wear his Carhartt jacket in one of the most fashionable cities in the world - I won't allow it. 
  • Mr. B's wedding band sat on his night stand for two days in a row at one point this month. I started setting it on top of his cell phone each morning, so he wouldn't forget it. 
  • We got our first flat tire on the camper this month. Men are sexy while changing tires. 
  • We still haven't written all of our wedding Thank You cards. Our guests are starting to notice. 
  • We both participate in a Fantasy Football League. I beat Mr. B two weeks ago. 
  • Our dishwasher broke this month, so we bought a new one. If buying appliances isn't bad enough, learning that your plates are too big to fit, makes it much worse. We are now on the hunt for new kitchen dishes. 
  • Our friend Shelby was back in town this month and stopped by for a visit. We drank wine, ate crackers and cheese, made candy apples, laughed at my recent home decor [a crow], and made Mr. B suffer through all of our gossip. I miss her already and secretly hope she moves here next month.
  • We learned that opening a bottle of wine that has sat in a camper, at various temperatures, for over a year, tastes terrible. We don't recommend it. 
  • I started Invisalign this month, for the second time. I have 9 months to go.
  • I borrowed my mother-in-law's vehicle for a couple weeks this month. It had air conditioning, leather seats, a sunroof, and automatic locks. Going back to the "basic" Hyundai made me slightly miserable.
  • Mr. B has cooked way more than I have this month. I'm just not sure I'll ever enjoy it.

I asked Scott what his thoughts were on month three. His reply: "We need a bigger dishwasher." I said, "No you need to say something about me." No reply. Smart boy. 

Waterfront Lunch in Minnesota
There you have it. A quarter of the way through the first year of marriage and we are still going strong. Until, Mr. B realizes how much I spend on crafts, our clothes and starbucks. 

The end.

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