Monday, October 15, 2012

Pennsylvania Leaves

I received the most thoughtful letter in the mail today from an old friend. A friend who I shared many years of my childhood with, a friend who was basically another sister to me, a friend who loved the spice girls, a friend who had older sisters that we looked up to, a friend who made the best frozen pancakes on Saturday mornings, a friend whose Dad taught us how to fish, a friend who made me watch scary movies, a friend who raced me in go-karts in the Tyrone school parking lot, and a friend that after all these years, thought to send me an envelope full of fall leaves from home. 

Mostly deep reds and soft oranges - the two colors I miss most. They had a little wear from 1,500 mile trip, but they were crisp and smelled just like fall. 

Pennsylvania Fall Leaves 2012
My very own pile of Pennsylvania Leaves :)

Her Dad moved to Texas several years ago and she sends him leaves every year to give him a taste of the season he's missing. And after reading one of my recent blogs about our leafing adventure, she thought she would do the same for me

Small, thoughtful things like this encourage me to be a better friend - to strengthen and nurture the relationships I have, re-engage with old friends I haven't talked to in years, and try my best to be open minded and make new friends along the way. 

Thank you Bri, from my bottom of my heart. This has made my day, my week - heck maybe even, my season. I miss you dearly. 

While I am breathing in the scent of home, I am sending you lots of love and energy from the Rockies. xo.

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  1. you have the heart of a perfectly fallen golden leaf.


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