Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monty Turns Three

Our curly haired boy has a birthday today. According to dog years, he said goodbye to his teens and welcomed his twenties. In human years, he turned three. 


We celebrate this day every year. Mr. B pretends to not enjoy it, but in reality, he does. 

Yesterday, we picked up Monty's "birthday cake" from our local dog shop. A peanut-butter dog bone drizzled with yogurt where the bakery is even kind enough to poke a hole in the bone and give you a candle. 

Doggie Cake [Made by Doggie Dips & Chips]

Shortly after, we found ourselves at two different pet stores buying antlers for chewing, a greasy pigs ear for more chewing, biscuits for treats, a stuffed hedgehog, a Frankenstein ball, and a big red stuffed dog. It just so happened to be dog adoption day at Petsmart yesterday. There were breeds of all kinds, tails wagging, and adoption bandannas tied around each of their necks - we made our rounds to pet them all. Although sad, we couldn't bring them with us, we are hopeful for their future families and happy to have one cute boy of our own to spoil year after year. 

Toys and Treats [spoiled]

Arriving home, Monty could smell the goodies we had, so Scott stuffed each and every one inside a paper bag. We knew the toys wouldn't last, but that's half the fun. Monty enjoyed tearing them apart, finding the squeaker, and leaving pieces of stuffing lying all over the floor.

So Obedient

Digging for Toys

A happy dog and a happy Mama

"Look what I did!"

Proud of His Mess

Hiding Among the Evidence

Happy Birthday Monty-Goose. We love you dearly and couldn't imagine our family without your spunk, your quirks, and gentle personality. Now, if you would only learn to sleep in your bed instead of sharing one with us, big boy :)

Lots of Love,
Your Owners

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