Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We started a new tradition last week – “leafing on the first day of fall.”

What better place to write this blog post than from the comfort of your own campsite, on a chilly fall morning, drinking a cup of warm apple cider, soaking the in warmth from a nearby campfire, and looking out at the crisp yellow leaves fall from their branches.

Mr. B came home from work last Friday and said, “Let’s go leafing tomorrow!” I had an inquisitive look on my face and said, “Leafing?” I had an idea what it meant, but felt like I needed to clarify this word I am confident, he made up. Turns out, the word was created by a colleague of his and means to drive in the mountains and admire the changing colors of Fall leaves. 

There is not much I miss about Pennsylvania besides my family, friends, and fried food, but there is one other thing I miss – PENNSYLVANIA FALLS! I miss the reds and oranges mixed with the bright yellows and soft greens. Growing up, our neighbor had the most beautiful big maple trees in her yard.  Every fall you would find my parents helping her rake leaves, not to dispose of, but into large piles for my brother and I to jump in! Those fall Saturdays are some of my favorite childhood memories. It was a family affair. My brother and I would pretend to help, but really we would be too distracted and find ourselves giggling and jumping before the pile was big enough to cover us both. It would keep us entertained for hours and I look forward to the day when we can make piles, upon piles of leaves for our children. However, I may be begging my mama to ship me boxes of red maple leaves from the valleys of my hometown.

Colorado Falls are just a tad different. The dry climate doesn't allow for Oaks and Maples, but mostly Aspens and Evergreens. Hence the name, evergreens are always green, and Aspens change from green to yellow. In fact, I am convinced Crayola needs to come out with an Aspen Yellow crayon to add to their collection.

We woke up early on Saturday morning, grabbed some cinnamon coffee and loaded up the truck with a picnic lunch, our hiking boots, winter hats [just in case], the dog and his leash, and headed for the mountains. Due to the change in elevation, the mountains get cooler air long before we do, so their leaves start changing much earlier. We drove to Georgetown – home of Guenella Pass, a paved windy road that will give you a beautiful view of the Rockies at the top. Hundreds and hundreds of Aspens line the road and go for miles beyond.

Here are some of our favorites from leafing:

Happy Fall

Mr B. 

The First Moose I've EVER Seen

Monty enjoying the fall scenery

Downtown Georgetown

Aspens up close

Enjoying the view at the Summit of Guenella Pass

I spy: A Kite

Dirt Road

Our Favorite from the Day

Towards the end of our travels that day, Mr. B wanted to drive past a new campground he discovered. It was 15 miles from the nearest town, nestled beside Chicago creek, and surrounded by Aspen trees. He fell in love – which is why we are here getting the full experience this weekend.

Happy Fall, y’all! I saved a couple of leaves from our adventure and have them resting between pages of old books. I hope to collect a few new ones every year. In fact, I am already looking forward to the first day of Fall next year so we can continue our leafing tradition. 

Here is a video glimpse of Fall in Colorado:

from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

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