Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Camping Trip: Peaceful Valley

It is 38 degrees outside. The wind is growling between the trees. The windows are frosty. The sky is gray. The grass is covered with a dusting of snow.  

My view from the camper window

My in-laws joined us for the weekend which is the main reason I am here. Otherwise, I would probably be in the comfort of my home sitting near the fireplace.

Our canvas beds shook all night long from the whipping wind. Condensation droplets showered my face every half hour throughout the night. We were covered with five warm blankets and wore winter hats to bed. We may have had one too many glasses of wine the night before and woke with splitting headaches. The first words out my mouth when I opened my eyes were: “Let’s go home!”

Despite my cranky attitude when I awoke this morning, the day isn't turning out to be so bad. The four of us are dressed in sweatpants, flannels, hats and socks, and bundled up inside my in-law's very spacious camper. College football radio is playing in the background. Toby is curled up on Carol’s lap and Monty is sprawled out on the floor. Carol is playing cards at the dinette, Mr. B is napping on the couch, Fred is reclined in the chair reading his kindle and I am reclined in the other chair, typing away. 

Things I am enjoying this weekend:

My Husbands Photography Skills

Story Time Around the Campfire

Pumpkin French Toast

My Boys

Playing Dress Up with Monty

Learning New Card Games - Hand and Foot

Hot Cocoa and Blog Writing

Although this is only our second camping trip that we have spent more time inside than outside – we've enjoyed good company and the weekend getaway to the mountains.

We will write in our camping journal for the last time this season, unpack our belongings and store the camper for the next 6 months. It will be nice to begin our winter routine with weekends at home, but I know Mr. B is already counting down the weeks until camping season begins again next April.

All in all this season was a success.  The camper saw 9 destinations, three national parks and three states. I suppose it’s a challenge to beat that next year – Bring It On.

Happy Campers

One last thing, turn up your volume and watch this very cool time lapse created by Mr. B. 

Peaceful Valley
from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

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