Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I don't usually say much in my bible study class, but last week Andrea called on me. Similar to a teacher calling on that one student who refuses to make eye-contact. 

Throughout our workbook, there are questions listed in the outer columns asking personal questions. Essentially, making you think about the bible and relating it to your own life experiences. That particular week, we were discussing the six attributes of the Holy Spirit [wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear] and she asked me to share how the Holy Spirit has recently made Himself known in my life through one of those attributes. I wasn't prepared to answer the question, but I knew what I was thinking. The attribute I was feeling most was fear. I am afraid I don't go to church enough. Afraid I don't talk about God ever, let alone often. Afraid I don't have a strong relationship with God. Afraid faith isn't part of my marriage. Afraid my husband isn't a believer. I had a whirlwind of emotions hit me all at once and I started to cry. 

That night I came home and typed. I have always been better at letting go of my emotions when I write them. I opened a blank email and wrote a prayer. I asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I want to better my relationship with God. I want to go to church more often. I want God to be a part of my life. I want faith to be a part of our marriage. I want the wisdom to make Scott a believer. Encouraging him to have a relationship with someone that isn't tangible is hard - I get that. So I am praying for his faith. 

Ironically, a good friend of mine sent me an email this past Monday. The subject line was blank, but when I opened it, it included three short prayers. Turns out, she subscribes to a woman's calendar online and each day it shares a prayer - the Power of a Praying Wife. She knows I am participating in a bible study, but I hadn't had the opportunity to share last week's experience with her. Yet, each prayer listed was related to faith and marriage. Her email had come at the most appropriate time.

If this bible study is teaching me anything, it's teaching me how to pray. One of the girls in the class this week shared a comment that really resonated with me. She was raised Catholic, like me. She grew up going to Sunday mass - the motions of sitting, standing, and kneeling. She would pray the rosary - the repetition of Glory Be's, Hail Mary's and Our Father's. Yet, never learned to talk aloud to God. I never did either. I grew up believing I knew how to pray, but in reality I wasn't actually getting much out of my relationship with God. I wasn't having a conversation with him. Now, after all those years, it makes it difficult to change those routines and experience a new type of prayer. Although, since the passing of my loved ones, I have found it easier to talk with them - sharing things going on in my life, thanking them for their comfort, and asking them for guidance. It might sound silly, but that ease of communication is helping me shift gears and have that same approach when I talk with God. I am practicing and it's actually beginning to feel less awkward and more comfortable. 

Plus, I've asked my friend to continue sharing her daily marriage prayers with me, with hopes of adding them to my spiritual conversations.

Bible study is good. I am totally digging it and friends that help you along the way, without even knowing it, are just an added bonus. 

Goodnight, friends. I believe Mr. B and I will be waking up to our first snowfall tomorrow morning. Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter. 

Monty - October 24, 2012 - First Snow

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We pulled up to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I said to Scott, "Oh my gosh, why are there so many cars here?" He said, "Well, it's two weeks before Halloween, everyone else has the same idea as you."

Families of all ages were running around, pulling their wagons, and choosing their pumpkins. Tigges Farm was the place to be yesterday and I was happy we were joining the Fall fun. Mr. B may have felt differently.

Mr. B's Dream Truck

Rows and rows of corn husks lined the background, the sun was warm, and the breeze was cool. Scott pulled the wagon, while we walked up and down each path of the patch. Joining the crowd and saying "How about this one..." every few minutes. Along the way we filled the wagon with our favorites. Mr. B was on the hunt for a tall and skinny pumpkin, while I was hunting a round and wrinkly one.

Mr. B thinks I need a Bow and Arrow to go with my Hat
The Patch
Mr. B - The Wagon Puller

We walked away with two heavy pumpkins, two tiny white pumpkins, and a bag full of gourds. Have I mentioned, I love me some white pumpkins? If I haven't, well I am letting you know I could have easily taken home this entire basket of white goodiness and set them in every room of my house. But I didn't. Somehow I had enough self control to only take two. Maybe because I was using the husband's wallet to pay.

All the Fall fun made Mr. B a little sleepy. Upon arrival home, he quickly found the couch and cheered for Penn State, while I went searching for brown packing paper. To my surprise I found some in the garage, laid it out on the dining room table, grabbed a handful of knives and dug into my pumpkin.

During a commercial, I excitedly asked Mr. B to let me borrow his drill and paddle bits [For the record, I had no idea that’s what they were called, but he was quick to inform me].  Mr. B had to teach me how to change the drill bits out almost 15 times, but once I finally got the hang of it, I was “Drill Happy.” I saw an idea on Pinterest several months ago and knew it would be my carving alternative this year. His drill made all of my holey pumpkin dreams come true!

Can't have a post without Monty making an appearance ;)

With all of the leftover pumpkin guts, we roasted pumpkin seeds.  I ate a handful and gave the rest to the husband. I love EVERYTHING fall, except for pumpkin seeds, so Mr. B scarfed down the rest.

We both enjoyed the pumpkin patch, but decided next year we will go a little earlier in the season, when the selection is better. And maybe we will go on a weekday, when we don’t have to fight with parents of screaming children for a wagon. 

Happy Halloween, y'all.

Here are a few others things we are enjoying this season:

Hand-Made Spooky Ghosts Hanging in the Bores House
Pink Skies
Bur Oak Acorns

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pennsylvania Leaves

I received the most thoughtful letter in the mail today from an old friend. A friend who I shared many years of my childhood with, a friend who was basically another sister to me, a friend who loved the spice girls, a friend who had older sisters that we looked up to, a friend who made the best frozen pancakes on Saturday mornings, a friend whose Dad taught us how to fish, a friend who made me watch scary movies, a friend who raced me in go-karts in the Tyrone school parking lot, and a friend that after all these years, thought to send me an envelope full of fall leaves from home. 

Mostly deep reds and soft oranges - the two colors I miss most. They had a little wear from 1,500 mile trip, but they were crisp and smelled just like fall. 

Pennsylvania Fall Leaves 2012
My very own pile of Pennsylvania Leaves :)

Her Dad moved to Texas several years ago and she sends him leaves every year to give him a taste of the season he's missing. And after reading one of my recent blogs about our leafing adventure, she thought she would do the same for me

Small, thoughtful things like this encourage me to be a better friend - to strengthen and nurture the relationships I have, re-engage with old friends I haven't talked to in years, and try my best to be open minded and make new friends along the way. 

Thank you Bri, from my bottom of my heart. This has made my day, my week - heck maybe even, my season. I miss you dearly. 

While I am breathing in the scent of home, I am sending you lots of love and energy from the Rockies. xo.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Camping Trip: Peaceful Valley

It is 38 degrees outside. The wind is growling between the trees. The windows are frosty. The sky is gray. The grass is covered with a dusting of snow.  

My view from the camper window

My in-laws joined us for the weekend which is the main reason I am here. Otherwise, I would probably be in the comfort of my home sitting near the fireplace.

Our canvas beds shook all night long from the whipping wind. Condensation droplets showered my face every half hour throughout the night. We were covered with five warm blankets and wore winter hats to bed. We may have had one too many glasses of wine the night before and woke with splitting headaches. The first words out my mouth when I opened my eyes were: “Let’s go home!”

Despite my cranky attitude when I awoke this morning, the day isn't turning out to be so bad. The four of us are dressed in sweatpants, flannels, hats and socks, and bundled up inside my in-law's very spacious camper. College football radio is playing in the background. Toby is curled up on Carol’s lap and Monty is sprawled out on the floor. Carol is playing cards at the dinette, Mr. B is napping on the couch, Fred is reclined in the chair reading his kindle and I am reclined in the other chair, typing away. 

Things I am enjoying this weekend:

My Husbands Photography Skills

Story Time Around the Campfire

Pumpkin French Toast

My Boys

Playing Dress Up with Monty

Learning New Card Games - Hand and Foot

Hot Cocoa and Blog Writing

Although this is only our second camping trip that we have spent more time inside than outside – we've enjoyed good company and the weekend getaway to the mountains.

We will write in our camping journal for the last time this season, unpack our belongings and store the camper for the next 6 months. It will be nice to begin our winter routine with weekends at home, but I know Mr. B is already counting down the weeks until camping season begins again next April.

All in all this season was a success.  The camper saw 9 destinations, three national parks and three states. I suppose it’s a challenge to beat that next year – Bring It On.

Happy Campers

One last thing, turn up your volume and watch this very cool time lapse created by Mr. B. 

Peaceful Valley
from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

Alanis Morissette

"Isn't it ironic, don't you think. It's like rain on your wedding day. It's a free ride, when you've already paid. It's the good advice that you just didn't take. Who would have thought, it figures."

I could go on singing word for word, a hundred times over, but I won't. Just imagine me jumping up and down in my office, in my PJ pants, jamming out.

In the 90’s, Mr. B was a huge fan of Alanis Morissette. He owns most of her cd's and knows the words to every song, from her Jagged Little Pill album. When I received the Ticketmaster email in August, informing me that she was coming to Denver, I thought it would be a fun date night for the two of us. I am not sure the experience was fun, rather interesting instead.

She played at the Paramount Theatre in Denver - the only local theatre from the 1930's to maintain its original dignity and glamour. It's unique and beautiful. 

Street View

Her white-boy rapper husband, Souleye, opened for her. As soon as he began, I looked at Mr. B and asked if we could leave. I am not sure I would consider Eminem a good rapper, but this guy was ten times worse. He sang more than enough songs and ran back and forth on the stage showcasing his lack of dance moves. It was terrible.

When he finally left the stage, we waited 40 minutes for Alanis Morissette. She came running out in stylish green jeans, a black shirt and booties. She is short in real life – I am talking like under 5 foot kind of short. She is a little weird and she has very little rhythm. But she has incredible vocals and her live voice is identical to her her studio voice. 

Surprisingly, every other song was one of her old hits. She must realize she was a one-album-wonder and knew that's what half of her fans wanted to hear. Ironic was third on the set list. One hand in my pocket was part of her acoustic set list. And Head Over Feet was her encore. We sang along to her old tunes and swayed back and forth to her new ones. All the while, watching the middle aged couple in front of us, blow in each others ears and display an awkward amount of public affection. 

Meet Alanis

Acoustic Set

I can't say we will be buying tickets the next time she is in town, but it was fun singing Ironic live, with the singer herself. Plus, we drank a beer together and smiled walking out the door. 

Mr. and Mrs.

I've got one hand in my pocket and the other is giving a peace sign. 

Mrs. B

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monty Turns Three

Our curly haired boy has a birthday today. According to dog years, he said goodbye to his teens and welcomed his twenties. In human years, he turned three. 


We celebrate this day every year. Mr. B pretends to not enjoy it, but in reality, he does. 

Yesterday, we picked up Monty's "birthday cake" from our local dog shop. A peanut-butter dog bone drizzled with yogurt where the bakery is even kind enough to poke a hole in the bone and give you a candle. 

Doggie Cake [Made by Doggie Dips & Chips]

Shortly after, we found ourselves at two different pet stores buying antlers for chewing, a greasy pigs ear for more chewing, biscuits for treats, a stuffed hedgehog, a Frankenstein ball, and a big red stuffed dog. It just so happened to be dog adoption day at Petsmart yesterday. There were breeds of all kinds, tails wagging, and adoption bandannas tied around each of their necks - we made our rounds to pet them all. Although sad, we couldn't bring them with us, we are hopeful for their future families and happy to have one cute boy of our own to spoil year after year. 

Toys and Treats [spoiled]

Arriving home, Monty could smell the goodies we had, so Scott stuffed each and every one inside a paper bag. We knew the toys wouldn't last, but that's half the fun. Monty enjoyed tearing them apart, finding the squeaker, and leaving pieces of stuffing lying all over the floor.

So Obedient

Digging for Toys

A happy dog and a happy Mama

"Look what I did!"

Proud of His Mess

Hiding Among the Evidence

Happy Birthday Monty-Goose. We love you dearly and couldn't imagine our family without your spunk, your quirks, and gentle personality. Now, if you would only learn to sleep in your bed instead of sharing one with us, big boy :)

Lots of Love,
Your Owners

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Three Months

It's hard to believe it's been three months since our wedding. We really didn't have anything in particular planned to celebrate. Instead we spent an entire evening rearranging and reorganizing our office. I needed a change of scenery, at least that's what Mr. B thought when I asked for his help with all the heavy lifting. Three hours later and still not agreeing on an arrangement - I made the mistake of mentioning the only reason I wanted to do this was to hang curtains [in the previous set up, my desk was against the window and prevented me from having long panel curtains]. Had he known that from the beginning, he said he would have left it exactly the way it was. What happened to "a happy wife means a happy life!" 

We finally agreed on the last possible option. While admiring the new set-up, we ordered a pizza and ate sitting on the floor of the office - how romantic!

Office Extravaganza

To make up for the lack of excitement, we have tickets to an Alanis Morissette concert later this week. I never met a guy who had every Alanis album, until I met Mr. B. He's been a fan for years. Only problem, we know all of her old music and nothing from her new albums. Either way, I am sure we will enjoy ourselves.  I just hope she shaves her armpits these days.

Here are a couple of thoughts from month three:

  • We combined our bank accounts. What's his is mine and what's mine is still mine.  
  • I bought a box of Fall Tasty Cakes. Lesson learned, buy two next time. Mr. B will eat the entire box in two days. 
  • We started our co-ed kickball league this month with our friends, Jo and Trevor. We complain every week, yet have a blast while we are there. Mr. B comes home with a new bruise every time.
  • We barely spent any time at home during the month of September. We had visitors in town, sales meetings and tradeshows to attend, camping weekends planned, and a long awaited trip to Minnesota. By the end of the month, we were both ready for October.
  • My cousin Seany visited for the Steeler/Bronco season opener. The Steelers lost and we blame him. Yet, we still love him. He is the one person who has visited the most since we've moved to Colorado. I am convinced one of these times, he will just stay for good.
  • We flew to Minnesota to celebrate Scott's Grandma's 95th birthday. I want to live to celebrate my 95th birthday someday. Scott doesn't.
  • We have been discussing our December trip to NYC a lot lately. Places to stay, things to do, and tourist attractions to visit. Mr. B wants to wear his Carhartt jacket in one of the most fashionable cities in the world - I won't allow it. 
  • Mr. B's wedding band sat on his night stand for two days in a row at one point this month. I started setting it on top of his cell phone each morning, so he wouldn't forget it. 
  • We got our first flat tire on the camper this month. Men are sexy while changing tires. 
  • We still haven't written all of our wedding Thank You cards. Our guests are starting to notice. 
  • We both participate in a Fantasy Football League. I beat Mr. B two weeks ago. 
  • Our dishwasher broke this month, so we bought a new one. If buying appliances isn't bad enough, learning that your plates are too big to fit, makes it much worse. We are now on the hunt for new kitchen dishes. 
  • Our friend Shelby was back in town this month and stopped by for a visit. We drank wine, ate crackers and cheese, made candy apples, laughed at my recent home decor [a crow], and made Mr. B suffer through all of our gossip. I miss her already and secretly hope she moves here next month.
  • We learned that opening a bottle of wine that has sat in a camper, at various temperatures, for over a year, tastes terrible. We don't recommend it. 
  • I started Invisalign this month, for the second time. I have 9 months to go.
  • I borrowed my mother-in-law's vehicle for a couple weeks this month. It had air conditioning, leather seats, a sunroof, and automatic locks. Going back to the "basic" Hyundai made me slightly miserable.
  • Mr. B has cooked way more than I have this month. I'm just not sure I'll ever enjoy it.

I asked Scott what his thoughts were on month three. His reply: "We need a bigger dishwasher." I said, "No you need to say something about me." No reply. Smart boy. 

Waterfront Lunch in Minnesota
There you have it. A quarter of the way through the first year of marriage and we are still going strong. Until, Mr. B realizes how much I spend on crafts, our clothes and starbucks. 

The end.

Season List: Fall 2012

I love blogs. I have a folder of favorites on my internet browser. Some people enjoy waking up on the weekends, having a cup of coffee and reading the morning newspaper. Instead, I prefer a cup of tea and my list of bloggers.

The reason I say this is because I got an idea from one of my favorite bloggers – Katie Bower. She creates “Season Lists” for her family at the start of every season. Some ideas are simple, some are traditions, and some are a little out of the ordinary.

I live with a man who doesn't sit still. Granted, he loves a day to "vegg" on the couch, but for some reason, our lazy days never correspond. Just when I've curled up in a cozy blanket with my overdue shows on the DVR, he says something like this: “We don’t ever do anything!; Can we go do something?; I don’t want to sit at home.” If you know us, we do quite a bit, but sometimes not enough to fulfill his adventurous spirit.

I decided creating seasonal lists would be the perfect idea for us.  So when he starts blurting those said statements out at me, I can send him to the fridge, where our list is hanging.

This is a new thing for us, but one that we enjoy. In fact, on our long drives is when we discuss ideas and things we'd like to do. I usually find myself digging through the center console for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble our ideas down. Then add them to the "list" when we get home. 

Our very first "Season List" was this Summer [2012].

Summer 2012 

It was a busy Summer, given our wedded bliss and honeymoon, but we accomplished quite a bit. We paddleboard'ed for our very first time in St. Lucia, we made ice cream with Scott's parents white sitting around a campfire, we mini golf'ed and I won, we went to a farmers market in Berthoud and bought tomatoes and cucumbers, we got hitched and celebrated with our family and friends, we went on a hot air balloon ride for our 2 month wedding anniversary, we biked downtown early in the summer- but skipped the ice cream and went for a bbq dinner instead, we had our very own Olympics party - by ourselves, but with a cake and crab-legs, we went to a Rockies game with a groups of friends and cheered loudly during the grand slam, and we attended the annual brewfest in Ft. Collins during the peak of the High Park Fire. All the things we missed will be the start of next years list!

Here is a peek at our Fall 2012 List:

Fall 2012

Some we've already completed, some we have planned, and others are just extras. As we enter the third week of Fall this week - we'll be collecting our Kickball Championship trophy for the second year in a row, celebrating our 3 month anniversary at an Alanis Morissette concert, and ending the week with our very last camping trip of the year. Amen.

I am quickly learning one of my favorite parts of being a newlywed is creating new traditions. Have I mentioned lately, I'm loving Fall.

A few photos of all things Fall:

Matching Ladies and Mr. Wrinkles
My Fall Centerpiece
Home-made Candy Apples
Ladies Night with Shelby

Go celebrate Fall, before it starts snowing. xo.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We started a new tradition last week – “leafing on the first day of fall.”

What better place to write this blog post than from the comfort of your own campsite, on a chilly fall morning, drinking a cup of warm apple cider, soaking the in warmth from a nearby campfire, and looking out at the crisp yellow leaves fall from their branches.

Mr. B came home from work last Friday and said, “Let’s go leafing tomorrow!” I had an inquisitive look on my face and said, “Leafing?” I had an idea what it meant, but felt like I needed to clarify this word I am confident, he made up. Turns out, the word was created by a colleague of his and means to drive in the mountains and admire the changing colors of Fall leaves. 

There is not much I miss about Pennsylvania besides my family, friends, and fried food, but there is one other thing I miss – PENNSYLVANIA FALLS! I miss the reds and oranges mixed with the bright yellows and soft greens. Growing up, our neighbor had the most beautiful big maple trees in her yard.  Every fall you would find my parents helping her rake leaves, not to dispose of, but into large piles for my brother and I to jump in! Those fall Saturdays are some of my favorite childhood memories. It was a family affair. My brother and I would pretend to help, but really we would be too distracted and find ourselves giggling and jumping before the pile was big enough to cover us both. It would keep us entertained for hours and I look forward to the day when we can make piles, upon piles of leaves for our children. However, I may be begging my mama to ship me boxes of red maple leaves from the valleys of my hometown.

Colorado Falls are just a tad different. The dry climate doesn't allow for Oaks and Maples, but mostly Aspens and Evergreens. Hence the name, evergreens are always green, and Aspens change from green to yellow. In fact, I am convinced Crayola needs to come out with an Aspen Yellow crayon to add to their collection.

We woke up early on Saturday morning, grabbed some cinnamon coffee and loaded up the truck with a picnic lunch, our hiking boots, winter hats [just in case], the dog and his leash, and headed for the mountains. Due to the change in elevation, the mountains get cooler air long before we do, so their leaves start changing much earlier. We drove to Georgetown – home of Guenella Pass, a paved windy road that will give you a beautiful view of the Rockies at the top. Hundreds and hundreds of Aspens line the road and go for miles beyond.

Here are some of our favorites from leafing:

Happy Fall

Mr B. 

The First Moose I've EVER Seen

Monty enjoying the fall scenery

Downtown Georgetown

Aspens up close

Enjoying the view at the Summit of Guenella Pass

I spy: A Kite

Dirt Road

Our Favorite from the Day

Towards the end of our travels that day, Mr. B wanted to drive past a new campground he discovered. It was 15 miles from the nearest town, nestled beside Chicago creek, and surrounded by Aspen trees. He fell in love – which is why we are here getting the full experience this weekend.

Happy Fall, y’all! I saved a couple of leaves from our adventure and have them resting between pages of old books. I hope to collect a few new ones every year. In fact, I am already looking forward to the first day of Fall next year so we can continue our leafing tradition. 

Here is a video glimpse of Fall in Colorado:

from Scott Bores on Vimeo.
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