Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two Months

Have you ever been in a woven basket and 11,000 feet off the ground? I will raise my hand to that!

Scott was traveling for a work trip several weeks ago and when he came home that night I surprised him with a home cooked dinner. Shocking part - the dinner wasn't the surprise. I had went to the market earlier that day, bought a blue balloon and a small basket. I turned our dining room table into a picnic and placed my home-made creation at his place setting. 
I spy...

Surprise: we were going on a hot air balloon ride for our two month wedding anniversary. We'd been talking about going since we started dating, but I always worried my fear of heights would find me sitting at the bottom of the basket rocking back and forth and crying my eyes out. Even if that happened, I was finally ready to take the risk. 

The adventure started at 5:45AM. I had a nervous stomach. My palms were sweating the whole entire drive there. The morning air was chilly. Upon arrival they had a table of fruit and yogurt - food always helps ease my nerves. Then, when I turned and saw the enormous basket and the unraveling of one giant, colorful balloon - I felt excited. The neat part about this experience is you get to go through the entire process, instead of just showing up and jumping in the basket as it's lifting off the ground. We were able to participate in the unraveling of the balloon, blowing it up, lift-off from the ground, flying over the city, landing in an unknown location, and packing it all back up again. I will let the photos tell the story:

Blowing Up
Propane Burn
Happy 2 Month Anniversary Mr. B
Mountain View from 11,000ft
View from the basket - looking down

As for the anxiety - it never really went away, but it was way better than I imagined. The balloon travels with the wind, so the ride is smooth. I rarely looked down, just looked out instead. When the pilot announced that we were 11,000 feet in the air, I panicked and took a step back. I knew we were high, but hearing that played tricks with my mind. The basket was full of 12 strangers and we were standing a little too close for comfort, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Tearing down

Let me share with you, the landing is a complete crap shoot. Literally, the pilot is on his walkie-talkie communicating with the folks in the "chase car" while trying to find an open piece of land large enough to get us back on the ground safely. Our basket was grazing the tops of trees and we were headed straight towards a baseball field, but instead found ourselves 10 feet from the road and on a dirt path. In the end, we landed safely and that is all that matters. 

Champagne Ending

And although this is a couple of weeks late, I wanted to share some thoughts about month two:

  • I talked with Mr. B and decided I wanted to do something "special" to celebrate every "month" anniversary during our first year of marriage. You spend all of this time and money planning a wedding, so why not celebrate the whole entire year long. He knew better than to disagree. 
  • We have been talking a lot about the next twelve months a lot lately. We'd like to get Monty a brother or sister, but I need a new car first. Two 100lb dogs won't fit in a non-air-conditioned Hyundai Accent. We'd also like to move. Perhaps, to a Colorado town that has a little more to offer than a McDonald's and an overpriced grocery market. Maybe, Ft. Collins? More to come. 
  • Ms. S officially became Mrs. B [Bores] this month. I received my new social security card and license in the mail. If the extra diamonds on my finger didn't make this real, the license did.   
  • I am no longer a blonde, but a brunette now. I needed a change.
  • Monty cut his paw while swimming earlier this month - his vet bills have cost close to $500. Dogs are expensive.
  • This month was full of surprises - I surprised Scott with the hot air balloon ride and he surprised me with a night out in Denver for my birthday. A nice dinner to one of Denver's Top 25 restaurants [Vesta Dipping Grille] followed by a Broadway play in the theatre district. It was thoughtful and romantic - but my favorite part was probably the Happy Birthday "Wife" card. It made up for the card he forgot to get me on our wedding day. 
  • We only went camping once, that is not enough to satisfy Mr. B - he wants to live in the woods. 
  • Scott still hasn't gotten used to his wedding band. He leaves it at work and on his nightstand more than he wears it. 
  • I stopped making his lunches as often as I did in month 1. He noticed.
  • Scott traveled a lot during month two and it made us appreciate the days we had together just a little more. 
  • We went to a Rockies game with friends and realized we need to go out with friends more often - but we need to plan a full day to recover afterwards. We are not 21 anymore. 
  • We hung our Penn State flag on our flagpole and brought out our JoePa cardboard cut-out. Thankfully, the neighbors haven't egged our house yet. 
  • We have been harvesting our garden on a weekly basis and Mr. B informed me that we have to replace the zucchini next year. According to him, it takes up too much room in our too-small garden. Yet, I've learned to make zucchini bread and he hasn't complained about that. 
  • In the words of Mr. B, "All in all, month two has been a success."

We are looking forward to month three, guess where we are going to celebrate? I will give you one guess ---- CAMPING. Camping with the elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Until next time, sign yourself up for something out of the ordinary. A hot air balloon ride, bible study, or flying a kite in the mountains.

Here is a sneak peek of what's it's like in person [video created by Mr. B] -- 

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