Wednesday, September 12, 2012

black & gold

Steeler Gal in Bronco Country
(They don't tailgate like Pittsburgh - hence the empty lot!)

I am from Pennsylvania and I am a Steelers fan. Scott (aka Mr B) is mostly from Pennsylvania and is also a Steelers fan. He does however, own a "cheese head" and busts that out on several occasions throughout the season to celebrate the Green Bay Packers. Don't tell anyone, but I've worn it too. That does not make me any less of a Pittsburgh fan though - I promise. I wear it because I love cheese.

One of our first big dates together was a weekend to Pittsburgh for our first Steelers game. And ever since, football has always been a part of our relationship. It's a favorite pastime of ours and we try to go to a game every year together. There is just something about Football season that makes us happy. It brings people together, it's an excuse to eat and drink, it's a reason to tailgate and listen to music, it's a reason to sit on the couch every Sunday, it makes people really competitive and it goes hand-in-hand with Fall. 

Since moving to the Rockies, the Steelers have played the Broncos 4 times. The first was a MNF game, the second was a pre-season game, the third was a playoff game and the fourth was a season opener game. My dear cousin, Seany, has flown 1500 miles from "Steeler Nation" to attend the last three games. We've lost every single time. 

Last year it was freezing, this year it was hot. Last year it was Tebow talk, this year it was Manning talk. Last year we had tickets together, this year we were each separated and placed sporadically around the stadium. Although, we've had fun at every game, Seany insists that he is never coming back for a game. In fact, he said he is never going to one again. Superstitious much? 

Other favorites from the day:

Mr & Mrs B Tailgating in the Shade

Cousins supporting the Black & Gold
(even the fire hydrant supports)

Tailgating Group Shot
(Thanks to my Sister-In-Law, Dave will probably be supporting a Manning Jersey the rest of the season)

National Anthem - My Favorite Part

Terrible Towel Challenge
(Why the happy face Mr. B, we lost!)

While taking Seany to the airport last night his exact words, "No sports next time, instead, I want to go camping!" I am sure you know, Mr B thought that was better than a Steeler/Green Bay match-up game. The end.

Come back and visit soon cous - I liked having a country singing duo and Monty misses his dog-walker ;)

In closing, go support your local Starbucks and cheers this rainy day with a warm white chocolate mocha. After introducing my cousin this weekend, I have him hooked.

Starbucks Pit-Stop #1

"Here we go..."
-Mrs B 

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