Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Month

Together This Weekend
  • It has been one month since the day we said "I Do"
  • We celebrated in true "Bores" fashion and went camping.
  • Neither of us realized it was one month until this morning.
  • We snuggled when we realized - that seemed like an appropriate reaction.
  • This has been one of the fasted months of my life, or so it seems.
  • Too be honest, not a lot has changed in our daily routine since July 5th.
  • Although, I consciously refer to Scott as my husband, as often as I can. I like the way it sounds.
  • We are still talking and telling stories about our "Wedding Week"
  • We have almost 80 thank you cards to write. I bought the cards, but we haven't taken them out of the box yet.
  • We are still getting wedding cards in the mail and they make me smile every time I walk back from the mailbox.
  • We are still eating left-over cookies from the wedding. I ordered 250 and I think we have 200 left over. We even let Scott's parents take some.
  • We decided to ditch the tradition of freezing a piece of our wedding cake and eating it on our one year anniversary. Instead, we thought ordering the same cake (a fresh one) would be a much better idea.
  • I am already dreaming of where we will travel to celebrate our one year anniversary. Is that too soon?
  • I asked Scott if he had to sum up this last month into a few thoughts what would he say - "A walk in the park" or "Crazy, it's just been a crazy month." Those thoughts seem to contradict each other if you ask me. My translation: Our relationship is a walk in the park and he is crazy in love :)
  • Scott has spent more time with his ring off, than on. He accidently left it at work once, for a whole weekend. I find it on the dresser and counter often. I actually wore it home from our honeymoon. His fingers were too swollen from the humidity, he could get it on, but couldnt take it off. He found a way to take it off and then he put it in the safe for the entire week. My hope is each month he will get more and more used to it. Maybe in a year he will be wearing it on a daily basis.
  • Scott has finally given the Arizona hat a rest and is giving the Penn State one a real chance. Anyone who knows him, should be shocked.
  • I still have yet to change my name legally. I think I will do that next week. It's time I officially become a Bores. I only have 30 days left to do it, according to the County Clerks office.
  • We were able to see several of our wedding photos on Friday before we went camping. I cried. I wish I could relive that day over and over. Even with the rain and hail. Our photographer, my friend, captured the day perfectly.
  • Speaking of photos, we bought a DSLR camera as a wedding gift to ourselves. Scott has been obsessed with it since the day it arrived. I swear he thinks, eats, sleeps and dreams timelapses and video ideas. I might have a professional cinematographer on my hands in a year. Believe me sweetheart, I am your biggest fan.
  • Scott has "Steinbugl'ed" more items in this last month, than I have our entire relationship. Okay, maybe I am exagerating, but it's darn close. Thankfully it hasn't been the said camera above.
  • Our wedding highlight film should be complete by the end of this week. We are both thrilled to see it.
  • Scott agreed to "spring clean" the house with me this Saturday. It's our idea of a date. Is this what happens when you get married?
  • I have had the urge to cook/bake more since being married - this is unusual.
  • I have made Scott's lunch for him more in this last month than I have the entire year. He says a "good wife" would make his lunch. He makes me feel guilty.
  • He doesn't make my lunch.
  • He does make me smile every single day.
  • He gives me a kiss every morning before he leaves for work.
  • I enjoy being a wife. His wife.
  • I think Scott enjoys being a husband. My husband.
  • He is making us dinner right now - a breakfast dinner. The smell of eggs and bacon greese are lingering up to my office. He just brought me a little sausage to eat while I type. What a sweet kid.

Happy one month anniversary, husband. I hope every month is as good (or better) than the first. I love you today. Tomorrow. & every day.

Mr. & Mrs. Bores

Off to celebrate the beginning of month two.

Cheers. xo.

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  1. Love this! Happy One Month! Word to the wise: don't bake. I got the same urge. I gained 30lbs. Bad idea.


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