Monday, February 27, 2012

A Saturday at Horsetooth

There is something you have to understand about Scott -- he doesn't sit still. He likes adventures. Long adventures. I like adventures. Short adventures.

We didn't have plans for last Saturday. Scott wanted to go skiing. I wanted to go snowshoeing. Well when we woke up we decided to ditch both of those ideas and just go for a hike. I didn't want to drive very far and suggested Horsetooth in Fort Collins. He agreed. So we loaded up our backpacks and the dog, and hit the road.

The skies were blue, the wind was blowing (hard) and the trail was MUDDY!

Our white dog, was quickly wearing "mud boots" and his belly was turning a nice shade of brown. Not for long though. We walked 1.3 miles to Horsetooth Falls and found ourselves starring at a very small body of water. We jumped a couple of rocks to capture the best photo in front of the waterfall. Monty followed and quickly found himself falling through the ice. The dog loves water -hot, cold, or freezing. Thankfully it wasn't deep and he was able to get himself out. It could have fooled me though, I still screamed as if he was falling into a 30 ft. frozen lake. I was in full panic mode and Scott laughed.

What a good looking man

After the waterfall, we stripped off a layer of clothes and began our hike back to the car. I was already thinking about lunch. Scott on the other hand, was thinking it would be a great idea to take a different trail back. He always knows how to turn an enjoyable 3 mile walk into a painful 10-mile-uphill-battle. I didn't like the idea, but followed along. I was cranky. I wasn't talking. I was stomping my feet hard in the snow. With every step I took, I felt like I was getting further and further away from our parked car. I was wrong. Thank God I am marrying a man with a spectacular internal GPS system. We ended up at the car about 2 miles later. It was a little longer than the trail we took to get to the falls, but I'd say it was worth it (don't tell him that!).

Almost to the end!

We ended our hike with a rewarding lunch at Chick-fil-a -- I can't get enough of that sauce! And then topped it off with a scrumptious cupcake at a shop next door. Vanilla for me. Chocolate for Scott.

Hiking at the end of February in 50 degree weather. Just another reason to love Colorado.

Until next time, keep smiling.

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