Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's New

Hello blog world, long time no talk. Hello friends, sorry it has been so long.

Since my last post, a whole heck of a lot has changed:

  • Number one, it has been almost 2 years since I've written and I’ve actually picked up a few friends along the way. Not many, but enough to give me a warm fuzzy feeling that this whole Colorado thing, really is going to work for me. I swear though, I still cry every time I leave PA.
  • Number two, we no longer live in that sweet little apartment. We’ve upgraded to a little bigger house. I do miss the maintenance man, though.
  • Number three, we no longer live in Loveland. We are now Johnstown-ians. Strange, the same name of a town just 45 minutes from where I grew up. Although, I am glad I am living in thisJohnstown, and not that one. If you are familiar with that town, you will understand why I say this.
  • Number four, Scott and I are no longer just “boyfriend and girlfriend”, we officially have a fancy title that a pretty little ring created -- Fiances.
  • Number five, we are getting hitched. An Americana-inspired day next July. This is mostly because Scott proposed in July, I love to sing the National Anthem, there is something about Red, White and Blue that makes me smile, I love picnic food, and fireworks remind me of romance.
  • Number six, that idea I had, 2 years ago, of a getting a dog, has since come true. His name is Monty Goose and he is a mini horse. Eh, that kind of rhymed! Don’t you worry, I am sure an entire blog post will be coming soon to introduce my handsome young man. I mean dog…

Although, I can tell you this, since that fall, October day two years ago one thing has stayed the same. We are still in love. Still happy. Still enjoying our life and adventures in northern Colorado. Okay, that is three things, but all in the same lovey-dovey category.

New thought.

We bought new appliances a couple weeks ago, but had to wait two longs weeks before they were delivered. If you ask Scott, 14 days, was 15 days too long.

When we moved into this sweet little house 1 year ago, the previous owners left their ANCIENT appliances. We didn’t complain -- they still worked and saved us a few bucks upfront. And when I say ancient let me explain… the refrigerator wasn’t even white, it was more off-white, actually more like an off-yellow color. One leg was broken, so it never stood straight. So the engineer that Scott is, wiggled a little piece of cardboard under the leg to give it some extra support. It worked for the time being. We didn’t have an ice machine. So we used ice trays that neither one of us would ever remember to fill. I love ice for any beverage and Scott always needed it for his strong-after-work-alcoholic beverages. So we quickly made friends with the neighbors, so we could ring their doorbell and ask to borrow their ice cubes. Strange, I know, most people go to the neighbors for an egg or cup of sugar…not us! In addition to the ice, we didn’t have a water dispenser, which was a big problem, since we drink so much water. Not. But it is one of those really great luxuries that are nice to have. Luxury, might be the wrong word to use when it comes to a water dispenser, but it was a must, when the time came to upgrade. There is something liberating about endless amounts of filtered water dispensing from your fridge at any given time.

As for the stove, just ask Scott. I didn’t know much about it, mostly because you rarely found me using it. I don’t cook and yes this is where most of our arguments stem from. Anyway, all I knew was that it wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at. It was a hellish thing to clean and keep clean. It had that same yellowish tint that the refrigerator had and it always seemed to over-bake my cookies. [Okay, so I did use the thing a time or two, but that was only around the holidays when I was in the Christmasy-Martha-Stewart mood and thought I would surprise Scott with some cookies. Oh and I may or may not have gotten distracted by Oprah’s favorite things, while the stove timer was going off. Oh well, like I said, I am a terrible cook and that includes terrible baker as well.] Oh and it had more of the previous owners belongings under it than I would have ever wanted to know. A sponge, a pizza cutter, utensils, straws, and lots of dust bunnies. Do you think they are missing any of that stuff in their new house?

So flash forward 14 days.

The new appliances arrived yesterday. Every time I walked in the kitchen I found myself just standing there admiring the new look. It was about time we gave our kitchen some lovin. Now today, the story is a little different. I feel as if they have been here since the day we got keys to the house. It didn’t take me long to get acquainted with having all matching appliances; a water dispenser; an ice machine with fancy ice options; a fridge that stands on all 4 legs without looking lopsided. It’s nice. Real nice. Scott is just happy the milk carton has its own special place on the shelf inside the door, instead of taking up room on the inside. Oh, the little things in life.

The stove, well it’s fancy and has a bunch of buttons that I don’t know how to use. All I care about is that it matches everything else. I should maybe ask Scott for an update on this stove, incase you readers are curious. I won’t plan on opening the manual until Christmas time. Although, what I do know is that it almost burnt our home-made buffalo chicken pizza last night. On the old stove, we would have to leave things in the oven for twice the recommended time and this new one… well half the recommended time is too much. Those convection fans are not something you mess with!

Oh and as for the terrible off-yellow fridge I complained about earlier…well we kept it. Just moved it to the garage. It has a new home and has quickly earned the name: Beer Fridge. In fact, it may even be getting a new make-over this weekend. More details on that in a future post.

Here are a few before and after photos for you to see the difference:

Looks good huh?

Sorry my first blog in two years is lacking creativity and excitement, but it was the first thing that came to mind when deciding what to write about today. Consider new appliances a blog inspiration. Maybe it’s time for a new washer and dryer too? Scott, what do you say… I think that would be a mighty fine birthday present! I mean, my birthday is in 2 weeks.

Until next time, smile and be good. I promise to be back a little sooner than the last time. OJ <3

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