Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Best Friend

I heard the saying all of my life, “A dog is mans best friend” and never understood it until one year ago.
I was never a huge fan of dogs. They shed. They stink. They get dirty. They are a big responsibility. They bark. They jump on people.
Although, please understand, I’d never harm one. I simply just tolerated them most of my life.
Then I moved 1,500 miles away from Pennsylvania to this great state of Colorado. I started working from our wee-little apartment and found myself pretty lonely during the day. During the evening, we’d go for walks and I would find myself staring at every person that had a dog. And not only was I staring at the person, I was starring at the dog too. I wanted one. I wanted one that instant.
But I had to wait. I had to wait one year until we had a yard. Until we had a house.
Then I found Montgomery – Monty for short. And Monty-Goose to us.

He makes us laugh. He is gentle. He stands as tall as my waist. He is an excellent counter surfer. He can be hyper at times. He weighs 95lbs. He has curly hair that is similar to velcro – everything sticks to it. He loves playing with other dogs. He listens to Scott and not to me. He snuggles with me and not with Scott. He only likes riding in the car when he can sit behind the passenger. He loves to swim. He has a dog pool that is meant for a small child. He only retrieves sticks. He has a backpack for hiking. He loves to ride in the bed of Scott's truck. He has ruined our yard -- Scott's yard. He will be two years old in October. We bought him a doggy cake for his first birthday. Okay, I bought him the doggy cake. Scott was against it. We take more photos of him then we do of ourselves. He won’t jump into any vehicle; we have to lift him every time. He destroys toys. He has a Halloween costume. He likes to eat wood from the wood-pile. He scared the neighbor boy once and since then, their relationship has never been the same. His owners dress him up in people clothes. He graduated second level dog training; it was stressful. He loves ice cubes. He likes to dig up our garden. He has dog-booties. He has eaten every dog-bed we’ve ever gotten him. After a year, he finally learned how to stay in the yard and not wander down the street. He hates the heat. He loves the cold. He follows us everywhere. He smiles. He has the best personality of any dog I’ve ever met. Okay, maybe I’m partial.
Long story short, I understand the relationship between people and dogs now. He really is my best friend…when Scott isn’t here, of course.
Scott wants another one. He thinks Monty needs a friend. I think Monty enjoys being an only child. Scott wants to get a Great Dane. He wants to start a doggy ranch and call it “Danes and Doodles” – maybe someday, sweetheart. For now, one big dog and one small yard will have to do.
I wish Monty could be in our wedding next year. Scott won’t allow it.
Until next time, smile and be good.
New ending: "What if you woke up tomorrow, with only the things your thanked God for today?" 


  1. Kylie, this is the sweetest and cutest thing in the world. I thought I was the only crazy person out there that loves her dog more than life:) But we one one of the same hahah this is such an amazing idea!!!

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