Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Heart is Here.

HidyHo! I am so excited right now that I have to jump ahead a few weeks and tell you about the article I just ran across while reading the Loveland Connection (our mini newspaper).

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you probably know by now that I have a minor obsession with finding "Hearts" in Loveland. They are these life size hearts, each different in its own way, and are located in various locations in Loveland. I mean come'on, hearts in a town named Loveland. I love it! So as i find them, I post them to my blog. Well I was just flipping through the paper and a small caption caught my eye. It said, "Artists sought for city project" Well if I wasn't an artist before, I am now! Engaging Loveland, Inc. is looking for artists to submit designs for a new 2010 heart!

The fortunate part of this is...I could be famous and have my very own heart in Loveland! The unfortunate part is...the article spoiled my "heart hunt" by informing me that there are 18 hearts placed throughout the community. I have to tell you, it was so exciting discovering each of the 8 hearts that I have found so far. After each discovery, I figured, that was it..there couldn't possibly be any more. Well I have come to three conclusions.. the first is that my assumption was wrong...the second is finding the next heart isn't going to be a surprise and...third I have my work cut out for me. I have 10 more to find. Don't doubt me though!

Speaking of heart discoveries, Scott and I had this brilliant idea of driving through neighborhoods the other day, in hopes of finding a location that could one day be the perfect spot for our first house. Well on our drive we found another heart! Maybe that's the neighborhood for us :)

It reminded me of a school bus! Oh and this is heart #8!

Okay so here's the deal... my excitement level is probably comparable to a 5 year old on Christmas morning. No joke! I am considering myself a local artist (I am considered a "local" by now, right?) and I need your help coming up with suggestions for the next heart. I have to submit it by November 20... so think hard and fast. In the mean time, my "creative self" is going to probably lose sleep over this tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that next year I will be posting a picture of my very own heart somewhere in this lovely land.

Oh and guess what else... my excitement has lead me to research this "Engaging Loveland, Inc." website and that site lead me to an entire map of the Loveland HeART Project. The map has each of the 18 heart locations marked. Oh and just so you know, I refuse to cheat with my "heart hunt" - I "X'ed" out of the map! Trust me.

I also took 10 seconds out of my evening to act like a 70 year old woman who cuts coupons out of the Sunday paper....I cut this article out and stuck it to my refrigerator for encouragement.

I apologize for this random blog, but I had to tell someone about this and i figured all of you PA folks could join in the excitement. I'll be back soon and for the record I miss all of you. My *heart* is always with you guys :) oj.


  1. I <3 IT!! Let's create this heart sister!! Maybe we could make is a "sister" heart!! Woo hoo this is exciting!!

  2. Ps. do each of these hearts have a name or what they represent?

  3. I tried going to the Engaging Loveland link, I wanted to see the map but it won't bring it up!! Grrr

    BTW.....Olive Juice sista!

  4. You're telling me! I am so pumped. But yes each heart has a name. Will the link not open that i posted or is your computer just being silly? Let me know... the map also has a picture of all of the hearts. I tried not to look at all of them, but it was tough not to.
    Lets get creative! :) Oj baby!


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