Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello Germany!

Guten Tag from Oktober Fest in Fort Collins! (Yes thats hello in German)

What better way to celebrate our German Heritage than at Oktoberfest! Although we wished we had been drinking a beer stein in the heart of Germany...downtown Ft. Collins was the best we could do. We stood in long lines waiting for steins full of American beer and then again for a Bratwurst and Haschee Knodel. Yes, those are a few German food favorites, for all of you non-German folks!

While sitting in the grass, eating our German specialties and sipping our steins we admired the German dirndls, lederhosen, bavarian clothing, fall aromas, german melodies and dances.

Maybe next year we will wear our own costumes. This year, the ones painted here were good enough for us! :)

Look at them go! I tried to get Scott to go out and do the Chicken Dance with me, but he wasn't interested.

The Oktoberfest in Ft. Collins was very enjoyable and brought back several pastimes celebrating at my family reunions. Actually, at one time I could recite several prayers in German and used to practice them with my grandfather. Now I am lucky if i can recite them in Engligh. No, I'm kidding, but maybe one day when I'm feeling spontaneous I will learn them again. And maybe someday I will have the opportunity to visit and witness the legendary and traditional ritual of tapping the first barrel of Oktoberfest-beer in the land of Munich, Germany. Oh the joys of dreaming...

Adios for now kids! I know I am slacking again, but I'll be back soon with more of my life. Until then, be good and smile. OJ<3


  1. Sounds like tons of fun and if I were there with you I would have done the chicken dance with you! We should plan a trip to Germany and learn more about our ancestors!! Well some day when I hit the lottery!! hee hee
    Love you sissy poo!! OJ

  2. Hey your picture showed up this time! Hooray. and you are damn right... im going to Germany at some point in my life time. We are contemplating it for our honeymoon, but believe i dont have problem bringing you along. I guess i need to be engaged before i start talking about a honeymoon. I'll keep you posted:)


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