Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do You Have a Heart?

OH MY GOSH! Hello...

I just realized I forgot to post my most recent "heart" discoveries. I promised to post new "Loveland" hearts when I found them... and look at me... slacking again! Now let me fill you in on a brief story of how we discovered these new hearts. (I am up to #7!)

About a month and a half ago, it finally hit me that my new life in Loveland, really wasn't a vacation. I think I finally accepted the fact that my daily routine involves wearing PJ's on any random day of the week, not socializing with people, and not learning about current events in the classroom. My only highlight, besides seeing Scott's smiling face in the morning and evening, is walking to the mailbox hoping to pass the maintenance man along the way. Sounds thrilling, huh! (Okay, so I have made a friend or two since then) But in order to solve this "sometimes" lonely feeling, I got this BRIGHT idea that a dog would be the perfect companion for me.

Now any one that knows me is probably wondering what happened to me. Let's just say I don't fit in the "Dog Lover" category. Although, believe or not, I became a broken record...sending emails to Scott everyday of new dogs that I found at the local humane society, researching dog after dog on the Internet, and cutting out clips from the Loveland newspaper of people who were giving dogs away. All the while... not getting even a slightest interest from Scott.

I must have gotten on his nerves a little, because he finally agreed to go with me to the Larimer County Humane Society and while driving back we discovered two hearts! At this point, I had completely forgotten about the dogs and just wanted my picture with the hearts. Well for the first time in my life I didn't have my camera on me. S0, a few days later, we were on the same road (not going to the Humane Society) and Scott said, "Do you have your camera with you?" In fact, I did, and while driving to the first one, I discovered a third! I was one happy girl that day.

So here they are....
Look I have wings! No really, I believe that was a wind turbine inside of that heart.

It's a cherry tree and my favorite heart yet. YUM!

Don't ask... I couldn't figure it out either. But hey - it's a heart, so it counts!

Oh and let's just say I have had a change of heart (ha!) about the whole dog situation and it seems that the roles have been reversed. We "dog-sat" for Scott's parents two weeks ago and I found out that having a dog barking in the background while you are trying to make calls, doesn't work out so well. Plus, I realized I value my sleep a little too much... and having a dog running up-and-down your body and around your head in the middle of the night, doesn't allow for a well rested night of sleep. Although, since Scott had a little taste of a "dog companion" that week, he has wanted a dog ever since.

Although I think I am going to play his game now and have no interest :) (Shh... don't tell him that) Oh and Carol and Fred - we will be more than willing to watch little Toby anytime, just as long as we can give him back! Hehe.

Adios for the evening. Come back soon - and - until then, be good and smile. oj<3

PS. We did find out that a dogs best friend (or greatest enemy) are fish... or maybe, just maybe, he has his identity confused with a cat...

Yes that's Toby, face to face with a fish!

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  1. I love the hearts even tho you sent them to me when you found them!!! And not all dogs would be like Toby!! You get a puppy and train it the way you want it to behave!! ha ha I could see it it to poop in the toilet, not to bark ever, not to be allowed on the furniture and in bed (which that is understandable) you crack me up!!
    Just get one, I dare you!! I want to see a picture of these fish!! I hope you do feed them!! Oh yes you feed the cucumbers!! ha ha



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