Monday, August 17, 2009

Round 'em Up

Heehaw, from the Larimer County Fair & Rodeo!
Woo and do you see who one of the proud sponsors are... Bud Light! That's right, for all you Miller Lite drinkers. Anyways, this was my FIRST ever rodeo. Arica (Dave's Girlfriend) was nice enough to surprise Dave with tickets and also invite Scott and I. What a surprise, having us tag along!
Arica couldn't believe this was my first Rodeo. However, while she grew up watching -LIVE- Rodeos from the stands in Colorado... I grew up watching from the television at my grandparents house in Pennsylvania. So seeing one live, brought back memories of watching the cowboys getting bucked from the bulls and having my grandfather cheering loudly in the background. Therefore i had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into.

Let's just say when you walk in it smells like you're at the Circus, but have no fear, after a few beers, that smell basically becomes like perfume to you.
So here's the start of it... getting ready to open the gate and unleash the horses and cowboys for 8 seconds at a time. Considering my senses were heightened with excitement, I had several questions about the event. What is considered a good score? What are the cowboys who ride called? How often do they have to perform at a County Fair, before they can go to the big shows? Do these people make money? ...oh and so much more. And of course, Scott looked at me and was like, "You really think I know this stuff, you need to ask the expert, Arica!"

So this is some of what I learned:

1. A good score is anything above 80.

2. The cowboys are called "Bull Riders" (DUH! Should have guessed, it just seemed to easy)

3. The objective is to accumulate points. Each rider and each bull are given a certain amount of points and you have to have so many points in order to qualify for the "big shows." Once you qualify, then you have an opportunity of being selected. (Did i get that right, Arica?)

4. The only way you make money is if you place in your event. In most cases, you need to place first and the only bill they give you is one with President Grant's beautiful face ($50). Now let me ask, is that worth every one of the 8 seconds of getting bucked around on a bull, possibly falling off, the chance of getting trampled on in addition to that, AND having that death-like feeling the next day?! I think.......NOT! Although, it is quite entertaining!

This may be hard to see, considering the size, but this is a picture of the "One Arm Bandit" and his other participating "characters." The "one arm bandit" is standing on his horse, and behind him are two buffalo. Now, looking from the outside, this may not be that fascinating; however, these buffalo were trained to jump from the center of the arena, to the bed of that truck, up the path on top of the trailer, and walk the length of it as if they were super models. Actually they are a little more super than any model I have ever seen. I'll tell you, that was pretty impressive!Guess buffalo's have bigger brains than we thought.

Here is the three of us (and my double chin) sitting in the stands watching the various events... bull riding, barrel races, roping the steer... oh and how could I forget the calf scramble. Just wait until you hear what this is! They unleash 7 calves and 14 kids to run around and chase them. Whoever catches a calf gets to keep it and raise it! Don't worry I'm signing up next year. That pet dog Scott's been wanting, well his dreams are coming true, only with a baby cow instead. Com'on Scott, I know how much you love cows! :) Just imagine all the milk we'd have. Really though, you should have seen these kids running around trying to rope these calves. Just imagine an ATM spitting out free money and everyone racing to grab the money... it was the same idea, just replace the money with calves and the people with children. That's better than any Saturday night entertainment I've seen... and I got to see it live.

Now you can't have a rodeo without meeting the stars afterwards. So we went to the buildings that house all of the livestock during the weeks of the fair. The first picture is the crew looking at the sheep, the second is me petting the sheep, and the last is Scott with his girlfriend... oops i mean cow. I see a resemblance, do you?

For all you city folks back in central PA, I figured I'd share some of the animals you don't get to see everyday. Can't find them at the circus or the zoo, but I figured you would enjoy them. My first friend is an Alpaca, strange looking, huh. My second and favorite pal, is a duck! I sure do love ducks and the third is my boyfriend... Scott ate too much bacon and look what he turned into! A PIG!
Until next time, be good and smile. I'm going to kiss the pig and see what he turns into... maybe a ham... or if I'm lucky a Loveland Prince. OJ.

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