Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More of My Life

Hiya, from my little apartment many miles away.

I have a few things to catch you up on. Number one, the replay of the 4th of July fireworks was actually a pretty good show. Unfortunately, it rained again throughout the game, but we spent the second half at the indoor bar. Of course, that is our solution to everything... the BAR! Prior to going to the bar though, I noticed one of the several mascots, walking through the stands. Anyone who knows me, wouldn't be surprised that I ran to him hoping to get my picture taken. Well, I got more than my picture taken, he actually picked me up in his arms and craddled me like a baby.

This was after he realized he wasn't strong enough to hold me and had to sit in the bleachers before he dropped me.

...meet Franz the Fox... we had to take a normal photo after that unexpectedness!

Here is us awaiting the firework show at the end! I am kissing the air and Scott, well I think he is looking behind the camera at the beginning of the firework show.

Number two, this past weekend was the first full weekend we spent in Colorado together in a few weeks. Trying to figure out something to do on Friday night, we decided to check out the night-scene in downtown Loveland. We drove aimlessly around the block and decided to stop in at Scotty O'Brians (SOB's). According to their website they call themselves: "A little bit dive, a little bit neighborhood barfly rookery, and a little bit hipster helipad." If anyone can define that for me, be my guest! However, we walked to a bar full of people (not our age), and a narrow walkway full of tables that were already taken. We ordered a beer and I looked at Scott and said, "Want to try the next bar after this beer?" Hoping we could find some people our age.

Shortly after my comment, two gentlemen sitting at the table closest to us called us over, asking where we were from. They knew we were new to the place and since I am not a local, my recent move to Colorado quickly began conversation. Two hours later we were still at the bar doing shots of Polish Brandy with these guys. Turns out they have been in Northern Colorado for years and became locals at SOB's.

In my drunken stupor, I actually texted my dear friend Jenna and told her I was out drinking with locals and the next day she asked me if I was going to hang out with them again. Needless to say I forgot to tell her that they were in their late 50's early 60's! That's okay though, at least we found some friendly faces to talk to on a Friday night. Otherwise, we could have been bar- hopping all night trying to find friends. And yes, I asked them for a picture, just so I could add it to my blog. I figured you guys get tired of looking at pictures of only Scott and I.

Random Thought for the Day: Scott won a ping pong tournament today at work (they work hard, huh). The winner received a $20 gift card to the Home Depot. While still at work, he sends me an email and says, "I won you 20 bucks to the Home Depot." Should I let him keep the gift certificate or take it and buy myself more purple orchids? :)

Stay tuned for my next blog, it should be out soon. In it, I will tell you about my first experience sled riding in August! Until then, be good and smile. oJ.

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  1. So glad we got to meet Franz the Fox but did these local men have names?? Wish I was there for that one!!
    I think you should let Scoot keep the gift card! Let him feel like a man going into Home Depot! And if he comes out with "fake" flowers for you...ummm well then I guess he's too good of a man!!
    Love and miss you 3!!
    Ps. the 3rd would be COLORADO!!!



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