Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Land of Punks

Well hello there... from the home of the Bronco's (Invesco Field at Mile High- Denver, CO).

Since Scott suffered through Taylor Swift with me, I decided I could "play punk" for a day and attend Warped Tour with him. For those of you who don't know what Warped Tour's a touring music festival that started out as a showcase for punk rock music, but in its more recent line-ups have featured a diversity of genres. Also a place where you can find skinny jeans, converse shoes, pink hair, Mohawks, black eye liner on both sexes, shutter shades, and florescent colors. I don't judge, I'm just jealous :)

This event took place in the parking lot of Invesco field, where there were 7 stages; vendors selling sunglasses, clothing, and shoes; Miller Lite booths; and hundreds of people - of all ages - dressed in their best punk outfit. Think we fit in?

Our drinking began at 12 noon and continued on throughout the day. We were close to mosh pits, got pushed around in circles, lost flip-flops, jumped around like we were crazy, jammed to songs we had never heard, and in the end found a few good bands. One of the bands we discovered that day is called Valencia. They are a pop-punk band out of Philadelphia, PA! After the show we went to their booth to buy a CD and found out one of the band member's is actually from little ol' Altoona, PA. After a few "No-Way's" and "Nu-uh's" were shared, I had to have a picture with him. He may be famous one day kids! So here he is...

Overall, Warped Tour was a fun, but very long day. Singing, dancing, standing around, and drinking in the sun all day can wear the body out. Although, for anyone who is interested in playing punk for a day (aside from Halloween), that's the place to go!

Warped Tour 2009

Random Thought of the Day:

So you know that saying, "You learn something new everyday." Well do you want to hear what i learned today? I'm going to share it with you whether you want to listen or not. For my mid-morning snack today I decided to eat the cucumber that Scott's dad gave me from his garden. So as I am slicing, I decided I would share my snack with Scott's fish. (He claims fish enjoy eating cucumbers?!) I walk to the tank, dropped three slices in and then stepped back to look for the pieces I had just dropped. Well they were no where in site! Thinking to myself, there is NO way they ate them already...I bent down to look at the top of the tank and sure enough they were floating at the top! CUCUMBERS float! Who would have thought. Guess I never had a reason to wonder if they did or not, but now I know (and so do you).

Oh and I also learned something else. I don't think Scott's fish like me. I put my pretty face up to the tank and smiled and them, but they swam away and didn't smile back. Last time they get cucumbers from me!

Talk to you soon. Until then be good and smile. OJuice*

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  1. OMG LOL with tears!! Damn fish won't smile back?! You really are bored! You need friends sister!! Freaking hilarious!! So when did y'all get fish? Can you please blog about them, I want to see them!!


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