Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hungry Bear

Hello from Colorado Springs & Pikes Peak! (Yes, that is Pike's Peak in the background of this picture below.)

We decided to take our first Colorado camping trip together to Colorado Springs last weekend. We pulled up to the campground, found our campsite, set up, and decided to drive to get some wood. On our way out, I needed to stop and drop something off at the trash and discovered that the dumpster doors weighed more than I did! With frustrations of almost loosing my fingers in the door I got back in the truck and said, "Those doors are heavy!" Scott's response was, "Well they are bear doors... to keep the bears out." From that point, all of my concentration went to what my reaction would be if I came face to face with a bear. Thinking, hoping and praying we wouldn't see one...

Still having the bear in the back of my mind, we settled in, cracked open a beer and sat by the fireside for the rest of the evening.

After our fireside chat ended, we climbed in our little house for the weekend and went to sleep. Hours later I was awoken with a nudge from Scott asking if I was cold and within seconds we both be became silent! We realized something outside of the camper was making more noise than we were. We heard a bunch of banging around...wrappers opening...the sound of what seemed like someone slurping an ice cream cone... and then saw a bright flashlight being shined our way from the campers next door. Laying completely still and freaking out all at the same time Scott hit the alarm button for his truck in all hopes that whatever was outside our camper would be frightened enough to run. He thought wrong!

Turns out a hungry bear stopped by our camper that evening, found his way to our cooler sitting in the back of Scott's truck and helped himself to everything inside. He ate chip dip, butter, chocolate chips, lunch meat, cheese, milk, half a dozen eggs, and my orange juice. Oh and did i mention he broke the cooler too. They may be childproof, but certainly not bear proof.

All he left were the wrappers! If anything, I hope left with a belly ache! Our neighbors told us later that the bear stopped by their tent first, but when he didn't find food there, he walked towards ours. Since the bear didn't jump at the sound of Scott's car alarm, our nice neighbor got in his car and drove around the campground three times until the bear got spooked enough to run away. Let me just tell you, I will be taking bear spray and an air horn on my next camping trip!

This Colorado camping a little different than camping in Pennsylvania. A chipmunk was the most intimidating animal we come across there, and here... well it's a whole new experience.

In my next blog, I will share with you the rest of our journeys in Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and the United States Air Force Academy). Come back soon! Until then, be good and smile. OJ!

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