Monday, August 17, 2009

He's a Big Boy

Hello people.

Scott is not only learning to put the seat down, but he is also growing up in other ways too. It was time to trade his one true love...the Ford Explorer and upgrade to a Ford F150! What a big boy.

Although, I've learned it's like driving a bus, so I am going to stick to my little matchbox car, that could probably fit in the bed of his truck. This truck now gets all of Scott's attention. One of the other reasons I need to find friends.

And while he was signing the next few years of his life away on his truck, a great big storm headed our way.

My first Colorado, possibly ever, hail storm. Check out those white things under the tree... they are either miniture golf balls or really really big Dippin Dots! Here is a better picture up close...

Nuts huh, well at least I thought so. Scott's mom, I think, thought I was crazy. She was more concerned about the amount of hail entering through the sunroof of her car (that she accidently left open)... and I was more concerned with taking pictures of it.

Just thought I'd share. Until next time be good and smile. Oh and I promise to have a random thought next time too.


  1. Ohh I'm in love with that truck!!! I can't wait to drive will let me drive it right Scooter?? Sister please whatever you do don't sit bitch (in the middle) I hate when I see the guy driving and their sweetie pie is right up against them in the middle!! BIG NO NO!! Just a truck pet peeve of mine!!
    Did you get hit with the hail? Did it hurt? Pretty crazy!!
    Love & miss you BUNCHES!! xoxo

  2. hahahah i love ur stories...those are some pretty nice wheels Bores got..but i think our hyundai's are outranking it...haha .. i always see this other car like ours riding around Atown and i look to see if its you( with the pink ribbon).. but it never is :(..but it was soo funny... shaunea was in my passenger seat the other day and i think she thought we were in ur car..we were gettin out ..shes goes" oh i locked ur door" i was like "okkkk i have automatic locks..but thanks"haha.. then i swear she attempted to "roll down the window" lol.. too funny..and i'm still not over the bird incident.. i have the video saved for you to watch..hilariuos.. <3

  3. HAHA oh k! Too be honest, since I work from home, i am lucky if i even get into that Hyundai on a daily basis. Plus with these winter months, i was taking advantage of Scott's AC! Haha!
    I bet Shaunea did think she was in my car, i actually laughed out loud at the "I locked your door" hahaaa :) Btw my pink ribbon has turned white! hahah and now has CO license plates. AHH! I cant wait to see you K.

    And for you Sister... you're sitting bitch when you come out next time. We'll pick you up from the airport and the three of us can sit up front :)

  4. oh and i meant to put... with these SUMMER MONTHS! haha

  5. hahahah..i just read that like 3 times...i'm thinkin omg is it winter already?? what the hell am i gonna wear in two weeks.. i didnt even catch on to the "AC" part... lol..i'm def glad i have that..its been sooo stinkin hot!!!... haaa..2weeks!!!!!!<3


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