Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Day vs. Lake Day

Rock on...From a stage in Denver!

This is a picture of Green Day performing at the Pepsi Center in Denver two weeks ago. If you know Scott or if you have ever been to the Belmar on a Friday night during Karaoke, then you will understand the excitement level this kid had before the concert.

This was in the middle of the show... and of course Scott was rockin' out! Singing Basketcase, I am sure :)

Did I mention how much I actually enjoyed this show too?! It probably makes my top 3 list of concerts that I have ever been too. They had a set list of over 2 hours and for their encore they sang 6 songs! That's one hell of a concert and probably the longest encore I have ever heard. Plus hanging out with proud idiotic punk kid-grownups can be an entertaining evening in itself.

Prior to the concert we hung out in downtown Denver and found ourselves sipping on some Starbucks and walking around Confluence Park.

Pretty little place, huh?!

So after all this Green Day fun, we had made arrangements with Scott's Brother and Arica to head to Barr Lake the following day and do a little fishing. Well the fishing part didn't work out so well, but we still enjoyed the day. Number one we couldn't find a spot for all of us to fish without casting our lines on top of each other. Number two when we did find a place... weeds and lake plants were surrounding our shoreline! (which we later found out, our bait seemed to love those weeds!)

This is where we set up shop, but as you will see in the following picture, I think Scott spent more time in the water untangling our lines, than he did casting his own. Arica's brother, I don't think, could have put it any better. When I asked him, why he didn't seem to be tangling his line or catching weeds, like Arica and I were. He responded, "Well I was smart and didn't bring a girl!" Let's just say Arica and i didn't have the best of luck with fishing that day.

This was Arica... catching Scott!

Those silly waders came in handy. You're always thinking Scooter!

The day turned out to be rather fun, with a small cookout, a few games of washers and ending it with chocolate cake at Buffalo Wild Wings! Yummy. We are going Boyd Lake next time, DAVE... where there's actually fish.

Until next time, be good and smile. Come back soon though, I have to fill you in on our weekend to Colorado Springs and our late night bear attack :) oJ.


  1. i wanna go fishing!!!.. looks like you guys had fun!.. and that concert looked like it kicked ass!! "basketcase" brings back karoke momeries!! i think i remember every song we all sang for karoke..basketcase(of course-).. dont stop beleivin( thats a given for you :) ) ..good directions/sweet caroline( makes me think of riley)... Shoop shoop da hmm... i got you babe( i think me and Tj sang that once haha).. hahaha remember when we went to 4ds and sang on stage and they shut our mics off!!?? haha lmao right now.. awwe.. kybomb..<3 miss yo face

  2. Awee K i do!! I dont even think that was Karoke, was it?? We just tried to sing with the band! bahahah! God i miss those days. Im pathetic now and barely drink. I am going to be such a light weight when you guys come out, which speaking of is less than a week now! Oh and i had a dream about it last night. You guys showed up and brought like 50 people with you and everyone destroyed our apartment! hahaa. Anyways... we need to find some karoke while you guys are out here, or if not, we are going when i am home the following week.
    Missssss ya woman & ill see you soon<3

  3. hahaha....50ppl!! thats one big party.. all i wanna know is.. was scotts IPOD stolen? lol..and bringin back karoke days sounds funnn.. 3.5 days! <3


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