Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fearless <3

Howdy! A grand welcome from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Scott and I drove to Cheyenne last Thursday to stand in the rowdy stands, full of teenagers and their moms, for the Taylor Swift concert. Cheyenne is North of Ft. Collins and is only an hour drive from Loveland. Little did I know how flat and desolate the entrance into Wyoming would be, although, Scott said driving through Kansas is worse!

We arrived downtown and ate at an awesome little bar. I forgot to take a picture, but imagine everyone dressed in cowboy boots and hats! This is the normal dress for Wyomians (is that even a word?). It was a neat experience and reminded me of past times with my grandfather.

The concert took place at the Rodeo, where the Cheyenne Frontier Day’s (CFD) were going on. In case you east coast people don't know what that means... well it's the world-famous annual celebration of the American West.

At the park entrance we found tent after tent, wagon after wagon, tepee after tepee full of western goods… cowboy hats, belt buckles, boots… I felt like I was living the Oregon Trail! The first thing on our agenda was buying a beer, of course, and finding our gate entrance. We walked to the top of the bleachers, where our seats were and looked down upon the stage. See what we saw… below….
Tour buses, a small stage... and LOTS OF PEOPLE.

Kellie Pickler opened for Taylor and actually had a great opening act.

The Taylor Swift Fearless Tour sold more tickets than any other female artist that has ever played at the CFD's. That’s one hell of an accomplishment for a girl who hasn’t even graduated high school yet. Remind me to reevaluate my own personal goals in life! Compared to her, I feel as if I have accomplished… mmm… nothing! Haha.

Anyways, I enjoyed my time cheering and singing along with all of the teeny boppers. Scott drank several “Bud Heavy” beers, wishing the whole time that we were at a concert with people who were old enough to swear, but I think he secretly enjoyed every second of Taylor’s performance. (:

Here is a picture of Taylor herself...and if I can ever figure out a way to reformat my videos, I will post a video from her performance.

I would like to make it back to the CFD next year and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fair-like atmospheres. They have everything a fair has to offer: Ferris wheels, endless funnel cake, cold brews, corn dogs, candy apples, ice cream, concerts, and so much more all in the western atmosphere with cowboys, cowgirls & the Rodeo! Maybe some of you can join us next year.

Until next time, be good and smile. OJ.


  1. Love love love the cowboy hat and the shirt!!! Very can pull off anything! Wish I could be like that! Glad you had fun and I'm sure Scooter had a "wood" watching Taylor!! Hee Hee!

  2. HAHAH i just saw this comment. The wood made me laugh. Sister, we are basically one in the same person, you know you could pull off the cowboy hat and shirt too. I had bought the shirt at Charlotte a couple days before... although, I was missing the cowboy boots! Maybe we can shop for those together. I mean i do live in the West, guess i should start dressing the part :) Miss you sister.


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