Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Hear...

Whine.. whine...whine and more whines is all I hear about me posting a new blog! Well here I am! I am actually sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport people-watching, while I should be working. I have been in three states in the past week and still have two more to travel to before the month is over (all work related). However, finding some personal gain out of it is always enjoyable. At least I have people to look at when I am traveling instead of only having my reflection to look at when I am in the home office. In case I haven't mentioned, the only social interaction during my normal work day, is with my stalker maintenance man when I walk to pick up the mail. As of late, I have been dodging him and his golf cart, so the only person I see is, well... me, myself and I!

In the past week...I was able to make a trip back to Pennsylvania (for work), but was able to visit everyone, which was nice. I also just had a Sheriff's Conference to attend in West Palm Beach, and have two conferences to attend this coming week in North Carolina and Tennessee. Who would have guessed I just moved to the West! Sure seems like I am spending more time on the East Coast these days.

Now before I get into any new thoughts, I figured I would keep my promise and update you on the rest of my 4th of July weekend.

What Scott heard on the 4th was the pounding in his head from the rebound migraine he woke up with that morning. (Grr!) That’s now three holidays in 7 months that a migraine has attempted to ruin…. Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July. What’s the next holiday…. MY Birthday… guess I should start planning now, with a present for him instead...full of Tylenol, shots, a bucket, and a pillow. Loverboy, I always plan ahead :)

Still feeling sorry for Scott that morning, I decided to keep our plans of driving my sister to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). I set the GPS and we were on our way, through the foothills and arriving at the top of the Summit! The pictures below are Jess and I hugging the “snow sticks.” I have no idea what the real name of them is, so that’s the name I gave them. Considering the elevation of the Rockies and the abundance of snow that falls on them each year, these tall “tree like sticks” are placed along the edges of the road, so that when the road has to be plowed, they know where the road starts and stops. Basically it keeps the snow plows on path. Do you see how tall they are? A lot taller than me, and I don’t think I have seen snow higher than my knees before. Gives you a good idea of how much snow the mountains really get!

Here is a picture of us at the top of the Summit… 12,005 feet! We were lucky we got out of there before the storm started.

A picture of the Elk! Certainly not something you see in Pennsylvania everyday. This was just off the side of the road when we were heading to the Summit.

As the afternoon continued… We made it back from RMNP in one piece without getting lost! We were even greeted by Scott at the door, which meant he had plans of attending the soccer game, even with having the migraine that morning. I couldn’t have been happier!

Now let me back-track for a minute…. when Scott called me at the beginning of June to tell me that we were going to the Colorado Rapids Soccer game for the Fourth of July... I had the same reaction that any other NON-soccer fan would have. A disappointed one! However, before I could open my mouth he said, "Kylie, they have THE STATES largest display of fireworks!!" Immediately, my not-so-excited feeling turned into true anticipation!

Unfortunately, the ONE thing I did not hear or see on the fourth was Colorado's largest display of fireworks! Let me explain...

The whole Bores family (including my sister and I) packed in the car to meet Dave and Arica (Scott’s Brother and Girlfriend) for a little Mexican dinner before the event…. And of course margaritas. It was a good start to the evening.

Now, with our drinks in hand and the mascots cheering in the rowdiest fashion, the game began. As I said before, I am a non-soccer fan, but it didn’t take long until we were yelling from the stands in full outright Spanish, just to fit in with the rest of the crowd! HA kidding! I know a few select Spanish words and “Score” - “Soccer Net” – “Go Team” - & “Goalie” are not among those. However, Dave had to remind us from time to time that we were still in the United States and not across the Mexican border as most would have thought. To put it bluntly, we were the minority in the stands :) Nonetheless, the game was fully enjoyable!
At the end of the game, we were escorted on to the field to see COLORADO’S Largest display of fireworks. Sitting on a blanket, the lights went off, the jumbo tron illuminated with a brief introduction, the patriotic anthems began playing overhead and the firework show began firing. Just a few minutes later, we noticed long delays between fireworks, the music was suddenly playing two songs at once, and people began leaving. No joke, this was 6 minutes into the show and I was not happy! Turns out they had technical problems with the computer system, which caused a major malfunction in the firework display.

Leaving the stadium we saw the cars lined for miles.... just sitting in traffic. We decided to head next door to the Commerce City Police Station (where Dave and Arica “play” cops everyday-hehe) and wasted time until the traffic cleared. At least we were sitting in the station by choice!

Although we left disappointed, they are redoing the firework show on July 25th. Celebrating the 4th, twenty-one days late! Horray! Stay tuned for my reaction in my next blog.

Didn’t realize this blog was getting so long… whew! I’ll wrap it up. The weekend with my sister was coming to an end, but we had a few things left to do. That being, the Anheuser Busch Brewery…see the real Clydesdale’s below. Yes, the same ones who star in the #1 Budweiser commercial every Super Bowl. This one's name was Darth!

We also had a celebration for the not-so-young Birthday Boy. Although, these days you are as young as you look, I mean feel, right?! Did the waitress ask to see your ID for that margarita, Dave? Haa! This didn’t stop him from celebrating with a few games of washers (yes, Arica carried you the whole time), eating a watermelon full of vodka, deep frying a turkey, opening rocks for presents and eating the delicious German Chocolate cake with singing birthday candles. The day ended with his famous quote, “Happy Birthday to Meee!” (I added the extra “e’s” for emphasis.

I guess this concludes my 4th of July weekend. I apologize for not holding true to my “one blog a week” comment. Although, I said I would try… I never made a promise. So in the mean time, stay tuned for my updates, as my entertaining life in Loveland... and the East Coast continues.

Random thought of the day: What is your first thought when I say the word...Palm Tree. The beach, right?! So if you are a beachy kind of person, would you ever consider buying an indoor palm tree for your house? Not fake... real! I thought I would clarify it was REAL, in case you are thinking I like to own fake things (the orchid, apples, and oranges). I found one in the gift shop in the airport and can't decide if i want to purchase one or not. I mean, palm trees can barely survive the Northern Florida weather during the "winter" months, let alone in my small office in the middle of Colorado. Considering I am miles upon miles away from any kind of coast, beach, ocean, or palm tree.... I thought having my own slice of the beach, may put my mind at ease.

Although, let me tell you, Scott and I purchased a hanging plant and a tall lily plant for our back porch, and as my experience continues... I am learning that my thumb is far from green! They are almost dead and if I can’t seem to keep a normal plant alive, how could I possibly keep a tree meant for the South alive in the center of the Rocky Mountains?! Therefore, I decided against the purchase of the indoor palm tree and figured it would be my excuse to plan more trips to Florida and visit them in the place where they belong! Plus, it may have made my fake little orchid a little jealous ;)
Until next time... be good and smile. OJ, sisterrr!


  1. WOW you seriously make me laugh and that's why I love you so!!! Sister a PALM TREE? Seriously? Ha ha!! What would you do with it once it started growing? ha ha you kill me!
    Please be sure to video the BEST firework show ever just so I can see it since I missed it!! :( Ps I forgot to leave my ticket! Sry!
    Can't wait till the next blog!

    XOXO from miles away!! ~OJ~

  2. Grrr it went back to my old name "The Keith Crew"


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