Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Friend

Hi kids! As most of you know (if i talk to you on a regular basis), I have yet to make a friend in this land of love. But little did I know that I would find my first friend on an airplane. I discovered her on my way back from Ft. Lauderdale. Before I start, I'm going to set the mood by posting this picture from an airplane... compliments of my sister.

I walked about 14 rows back, until i discovered my aisle seat. I sat down, put my things under the seat ahead of me, got out my ipod and that's when the girl beside me says, "Hi, why were you in Florida?" Although, I am a friendly person, I don't usually do a good job of picking out friendly strangers on a plane, so she almost caught me off guard when she started talking to me. We both discussed our travels in Florida and the next thing out of her mouth was, "I am going through a growth spurt right now, so i am going to warn you that I might have to get up and use the bathroom a lot!" Immediately, my brain is back-tracking to my nursing education, wondering if growth spurts really cause frequent bladder activity. I just looked at her, probably with an inquisitive look and replied saying, "Okay, that's fine." Really wondering to myself if I had enough time to pick a different seat. Well I didnt!

As I prepared myself for the muscial chairs I would be playing on this 4 hour plane ride back to Denver, she looked at me and said, "Can I ask you a question that might sound a little strange?" Of course I said yes and the next words out her mouth were, "What is it like to have your drivers license and drive a car?" Ooo did I forget to mention this girl is 10! Now, suddenly I am the more experienced and knowledgeable adult sitting beside her. In the mean time, I have her little brother leaning over her and interupting me by asking what state we were flying over! (Like I'm sitting in the cockpit or something?!) Geez, what did I get myself into.

Although I must say, it didn't take long before we were discussing parents, divorces, stepparents, siblings and the wonderful selection of shells in southern Florida. Shortly into our discussions, the flight attendants were coming around taking drink orders (hoping that food and drinks still entertain kids at that age) and I decided that I really wanted to complete my blog (my last post). So I pulled out my computer and as you could probably guess, her next question was, "Do you care if i watch what you type?" Then, asking if I have any games or typing programs that she could play. And since when can ten year old's read so well? She was glued to my arm reading every word, asking along the way, what I was talking about. This, of course, led to more interesting conversations, but to be honest, she was rather entertaining.

I almost hoped she would have been old enough to be my real friend rather than just like a little sister. Which leads me to our next conversation. I told her about my recent move and how I still haven't made any friends. Her eyes lit up immediately as if she had a solution to my problem... and says, "I know how you can make friends!" Curious of what advice a 10 year old was going to give me about making friends, she continued saying, "You should start playing raquet ball... my mom plays at a local club, and she can't keep up with half of her friends!" After a brief giggle, I told her that was actually a good idea, if Iwas coordiated enough to hold a raquet and hit a ball at the same time. Unfortunately, I am not, but thanked her and told her that I would think about it.

At this point... her brother is kicking her and they are arguing over the ipod they are sharing. I began replaying similar memories of my little brother and I when we were that age. Wow, where does the time go! But I decided, it was my turn to take a break and listen to my ipod. So as soon as I power it up, an album cover of U2 shows up on my screen and immediately she's asking, "Are you a U2 fan too?" Ten seconds ago, she was just arguing with her brother... talk about an observant little girl! She didn't miss a beat.

Now a few hours into the trip, we were all getting anxious to land. The boys sitting across the aisle were wrestling in their seats, the girls ahead of us were taking pictures non-stop, babies were crying and we just wanted to land somewhere that had a temperature less than 95 degrees with a lot less humidity than Florida. Her brother had gotten up twice to use the bathroom and given her early warning, you'd expect that she got up twice as often, but only once for her.

The plane finally landed and we arrived safely to the gate. Although my story may have sounded as if she was a bother, I thoroughly enjoyed the company of my new 10 year old friend! The first thing I did when I stood up was turn to the seat behind ours ,where their dad was sitting, and said, "You have great kids!" He said, "Well thanks, do you want them?" Sarcastically saying, "It would actually give me some company, sure!" Well immediately the little brother, still sitting in his seat, looks up at me and says, "Well HELLLLOOOO stepmom!" (meaning me).

The end.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my new friend :) I miss all of you back in PA - so don't be jealous, she's not taking your place. I'll be back to write more soon. Until then, be good and smile. OJ.

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