Thursday, July 9, 2009

In a Heart

Hello from the small heart in Northern Colorado!

Yes that is me sitting on a HEART at the visitor center in Loveland. (Sister, I promise to find more!)

It's been a week since I have updated all of you on my life... and too be honest I don't know where to begin! I guess I will start with first things first. This blog and is going to involve stories and pictures including my sister and you are probably going to wonder where she came from. (Well from her mother of course, but how did she get out to Colorado?!). Well Scott and Jess schemed together with their clever brains and planned a trip for her to visit over the 4th of July weekend. I had no idea she was coming and let's just say I was surprised! :)

We spent the weekend taking her to various tourist areas and some of our favorite places, but the first was Mount Evans (North America's Highest Paved Road). Or was it Mt. Everest, Jess? This was the first place Scott took me the first time I visited Colorado and was the first place we decided to take her. (Wow that was a lot of firsts) The view from the top is really unimaginable until you see it with your own two eyes. As you can see below... 14, 270 feet wasn't high enough for us... we had to jump a few feet higher!

And of course you can't forget the picture with Mr. Tour Guide! The rose between 2 thorns... or the thorn between 2 roses?! :)

Got oxygen? Well not us! Not after a strenuous climb over rocks, snow, other tourists and billy goats at that elevation. So instead of drinking water after our adventure, which is highly recommended... we decided to dehydrate ourselves even more by drinking at the Coors Brewery. Who would have thought a Friday afternoon at the Coors Brewery would be so so crowded! Well it was, but we waited in line in the small town of Golden, Colorado to take the bus and tour the facility. Did you know 300 railcars are stocked of beer each day. One rail car = one six pack a day for 90 years!!! That is a lot of freaking beer. Sign me up!!! (I swear all of these blogs somehow relate to alcohol, sorry if you are a recovering alcoholic reading this...I don't mean to be a tease) Although, I must say drinking a freshly brewed ice cold Coors Light in the rocky mountains... well I'm not sure it gets any better than that! The brewery actually gives you three free 8ish ounce beers at the end of every tour. (We blame Scott for forcing us to drink all 3 beers in 15 minutes...and don't forget we were already a little dehydrated... which led to a 2 tipsy sisters when we left)

(I also decided to share a picture of the billy goats with you since its not something you see everyday in PA).

After our refreshing beers at Coors, we decided to enter the Hippie Capital of the US... Boulder, CO. Of course we had to enter in style by jamming out to a few tunes by Rusted Root! (Do the hippie dance - you know who you are.) We visited "The Blending Cellar," which is a cool little wine bar that we discovered a few months ago and did a "wine flight" (basically another name for a wine tasting). While sitting outside, drinking our wine, discussing our fun day, and people watching...a woman walked past saying out loud... "I need to shave my airpits tomorrow!" Well enough said...Welcome to Boulder, CO! Our adventures continued through the early evening down the infamous Pearl Street.... and our night ended with a little swim in our pool at the apartment.

Wow I only made it through day 1 of the weekend... and I have so much more to share. I hope it was enthusiatic enough to bring you back! For now... this blog is to be continued.

Upcoming: Our eventful, or shall i say UNeventful 4th of July; Rocky Mtn National Park; More beer tours at Anheuser Busch; and a Happy Birthday to Dave (Scott's Brother).

Random thought of the day: Do you squeeze your toothpaste bottle in the middle or do you squeeze from the end? Is this something that you even take notice too or is so routine that you even don't think about it? Well...when you share a toothpaste bottle with someone who does the opposite of you... you will learn how much of a pet peeve it can create. For the record... I squeeze in the middle! Take notice the next time and if you are a "middle person," don't ever share your toothpaste with Scott! ;)

I will be back with more soon... in the mean time... be good and smile. OJ!


  1. I freakin LOVE it!!! You should seriously write a book!!! I'm gonna print all of your blogs and make my own book! I also FINALLY showed maddy her blog! She loved it, she liked the collage picture! Can't wait for more! *smiling* Oj

  2. i squeeze my toothpaste from the middle too!! tell bores to get his own damn toothpaste!lol..jk..looks like you guys had lots of fun last week..or was that two weeks ago.. i cant keep track anymore..ahh..and u were drinkin my fav beer.. well second to corona.. and thats when i even drink looks amazing out there..i need to visit u two.. cant wait to see u again kybomb..<3 u

  3. WOOO K drinks beer??! Hhaa! And you know Corona is in my top 5 list of beers. Guess we are so much alike :) I am actually thinking of buying Scott his own bottel of toothpaste. He's sucha geek!I cant wait for you to visit K. Miss you.

  4. every once in a while..usually when theres no liqour available and i'm desperate...well that just made me seem like an ur stories crack me up.. especially about your airplane friend sooo ready for this trip to see you two!!..i'm done with school in 2 weeks( as long as i pass haha)!! woot woot!..sickel was gonna come with us but now the plane prices increased so he doesnt know.. but either way..campin like old times.. i think i'm gonna have to change my FB profile pic to that one of us campin forever ago..cracks me up everytime i see we gotz lots of catchin up to do.. love you!<3

  5. I just got this comment! haha i need to figure out a way for this thing to notify me when i get a comment. Anywho... i am happy that you enjoy my blog! I actually really enjoy writing them. Although i am slacking... i have a few things to catch everyone up on. Ill get to it, hopefully, this week. Almost done with school... has it been two weeks?? Graduatedd yet! I am so proud of you.
    And you have no idea how excited i am for you guys to come out.. i basically count the hours. And yes we have TONS of catching up to do. Miss and love you. -Kybomb!:)


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