Friday, July 24, 2009

I Should Have Been an Art Major

Hiya! Wooo this is two NEW blogs in one day. Since I got behind I have a lot to catch you guys up with.

Look! I found a new heart. I am on a mission to find all of them and I am up to 4. Who knows how many they have in this little land of love, but I will update you as I find them.

So from what Scott tells me... and from my recent discoveries, I am learning the true appreciation Loveland has for art. My education piece for the day according to the Loveland, Colorado website: In 1985, Loveland was the first city in Colorado to adopt an Art in Public Places ordinance, designating one percent of the city's capital construction projects of $50,000 or more for the purchase of art. Currently, the city's art collection is valued at more than 7 million dollars with approximately 72% of the total value of the collection donated by organizations and individuals. Presently, there are 307 individual pieces of artwork within the collection.

It seems that everywhere you drive, there are sculptures along side the road or pathways leading to the designated sculpture parks. Scott and I discovered an African sculpture park behind the Promenade shops (which is also where we indulge in Gelato -Italian Ice Cream). Since I have moved here, we have strolled through the park twice while stuffing our faces with Gelato... its a good combination. Each sculpture has a name, but as we walk we create our own names for them and see how close we actually are to the real one. Let me just tell you, we were way off on all of the African ones. They have some interesting art.

This picture here is me posing with my love monkeys. This is my favorite statue in the park! My sister was the first lucky guest to visit them :) When you kids, who are reading this, come to visit us, be prepared to meet the love monkeys. I know, I am strange... you don't have to tell me. The real name for this statue is, "Lovers"... not far off from my discription.

We decided it was time to appreciate our own heritage and visit the ALL AMERICAN Sculpture Park. So before I left for Ft. Lauderdale we decided to visit one. Again, we played the guessing game of what their names were, and came a lot closer to the real names. Find some pictures below:

Come'on, who doesn't want to sit on a Moose's Antlers. That almost sounds... uh... dirtty.. and not in a good way. Sorry, not apologizing for that! haha

This is a sculpture of young children playing ring-around-the-rosie. They left a spot open, for kids just like us to join! One of my favorites :)

What a classy picture! Me laying on a pig and Scott sitting on the shell of a Tortoise. Don't be jealous. You must remember, we don't have friends, so we have to create our own entertainment.

MAKE A WISH! It's a GIANT wish bone with two sculpted kids pulling on either side. Of course we took pictures of us attempting to pull apart a 2 ton scupture... but i decided to share the one of us underneath it. Hopefully, it's lucky for us :)

Put me in the circus! Do you see that talent... or should i say balance.

Well, I guess that's all of the art that I've discovered so far. For all of you engineers out there that hate art majors, like my boyfriend... Don't read this blog! Hehe. Guess that means you too Scott. If I do recall... my many memories of Scott and I walking around the PSU Altoona campus, involved him mumbling under his breath to every student dressed in their costumes, preparing for their upcoming drama play, or carrying their easel and canvases... his anger towards art majors. Maybe he's just jealous because he lacks their talent! Little did he know he'd find himself sitting on precious art sculptures 6 months later.
Random Thought of the Day: If you are married, how was your procession into the church? The typical funeral type... each person in your wedding party walking individually up the aisle? I'm sorry your guests had to experience that, when you could have had a procession like this...
(Compliments of my dear friends, Thomas and Gibney who watch the Today Show every day) Did you click on that link boys ;)
I'm now on a search to find a wedding to crash, with party animals like these kids! Don't tell me they weren't drunk when they walked in! Enjoy.
We'll talk again soon and in the mean time, be good and smile. oj Sistaa.

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