Thursday, July 2, 2009

For My Niece

Happy Birthday from Colorado!

Ten years ago today my precious niece, Madison, was born in Kentucky, which is where her dad was stationed for the Army :) When she was born I was enjoying the summer days before entering the 8th grade... and now look... I have already graduated college (Twice) and she is half way to 8th grade! Where does the time go?!

When my sister told Madison that I was moving to Colorado her first question was of course, "FOR WHAT?" After explainning that I was moving to follow my heart to live with Scooter, (by the way, is the nickname my sister gave Scott and has just "stuck" ever since) her first words were, "Well she isn't going to be here for my birthday!" I guess at that age, thats all you care about... although, I should say she got that from her Aunt. Considering I have already hit the fun ages, 10...13...16...18...21... I still look forward to my birthday every year. Speaking of... Scott my birthday is only 2 months & 2 days away...don't forget :) See Madison, Aunt Kyky has a countdown until her birthday too!

I will bring your gift home on the plane with me next weekend. Promise. Oh and maybe, if you are lucky, Scott will return the pretty pretty princess jewlery that he "accidently" wore home or maybe I can talk him into buying you a game of your own, so that he can continue wearing the jewelry around the house! (hehe, don't worry Scooter, your secret is safe with us)

I hope that you have a great day and enjoy this next year, living the life of a 10 year old! You are growing up to be quite the young lady and just think...three more years until you're a teenager. (Sister, relax!) I love and miss you, Maddy!

Until next time, be good and smile. Olive Juice.

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