Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out My Window

Hello Again!As I sit at my apartment all day working in my new home office, I have found myself spending a lot of time looking out the windows. (in between working of course) Mostly because the views are almost breathtaking! Can you see those faded mountain peaks in the background of this picture... well thats what i see everytime I look out my office window. Pretty nice site, huh? Especially when it's sunny out. I can't wait for all of you to see it first hand, when you come to visit me. So start planning.

I promised in my first blog to post a few pictures from my first few days here, so here they are:

This is a picture of our actual apartment from the outside. Our door is behind the tree on the left. Not that you really care to know, but I thought I would share that tid bit of information, just in case you are ever in the area and have to reference this picture to find me.

Similar looks, don't ya think? Maybe that's where I belong. Ask anyone who has seen my weird side and they would probably agree! Unfortunately that was the closest we got to seeing the Polar Bears while visiting the Denver Zoo... it was 85+ degrees the day that we went, and they were hiding in the shade. I guess I would be too, if I were them! Although, one entertaining event that took place that day was Scott getting chased by a peacock and scaring him half to death. Haha

Of all the places I have been so far in this state including all of my previous trips, I feel this place sums up the beauty that this state holds! This was taken at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park just this past weekend. Between Scott and his dad's collection of photographs, they probably have endless amounts of photos taken at this spot! Each different in its own way. However, this day it was rather cloudy, so it was difficult to get the reflection off the lake. I will warn you... I will probably post photos from this spot on a regular basis. Look forward them!

The last photograph that I wanted to share is one taken at the Chapel on the Rock. This is a small church near Estes Park (before Rocky Mtn. National Park) that I felt was unique and special enough to share with all of you. I showed this picture to a couple of people already and they all shared the same thoughts, that it reminded them of a Thomas Kinkade painting and i must say that I agree. From Scott's book of knowlegde he believes you must be Catholic to get married here and have to take 6 months of counseling classes. All of which he said he would do to get married there. Now really, anyone who knows Scott... probably has a peculiar look on their face... the same reaction I had when he said it! hehe. We love you Scott!

Well I guess that leaves me at the end of my second blog, but let me leave you with my few random thoughts for the day. All which I learned in the past 5 days of living in my new apartment:

1. Never ask some one handy to put up a ceiling fan with out them swearing throughout the process.
2. Be the first to claim your dresser drawers or else they will pick the best ones first.
3. Don't wash brand new black and white towels together in the same cycle. (oops, yes I did that, not Scott)
3. I don't care how much energy you will save with the energy saving lightbulbs or the fact that they never get hot, they are toooooooooo bright! I didn't win that argument :)
4. Last, don't ask an opinion on where to put a purple orchid.

Adios kids. Until next time... be good and smile. *Olive Juice*

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  1. Love this!!! I've had this for a couple years but stopped doing it but I guess I'm back now!! Olive Juice!


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