Monday, June 29, 2009

Beer Sounds Good

Hola... From the <3land!

It has only been a few days since my last blog, but I have a lot to share. As you most of you know the love I have for shots, while hanging out at the bar :) Well this picture above was my very first shot since I have moved here. Of course I requested a shot well known in the state of Colorado and ended up with a "Colorado Bulldog." As for all of you back home... Instead of the typical firewater, royal flush, or jager bomb that I tend to order... this is my new pick! (I was even nice and put a weblink to the ingredients so you have fair warning).

Before you view the photo below... I must give you a little background. Scott moved into this apartment almost three weeks before I arrived and through out our day-to-day conversations while miles apart he would share with me his thoughts of decorating this small corner in our kitchen. He voiced his opinion on a "Roller Cart".... EVERYDAY! I, on the other hand, argued on getting a small table and with two chairs for dining. Yet again, another battle I lost!!! So, as you will see in the picture below... Scott holding his "Manly Grilling Utensils," standing beside his prize possession... THE ROLLER CART! (Yes, he bought it before I even arrived) Although, I must admit... I have found lots of important kitchen things to fill it with :)


Saturday morning we decided it was time to attend a drinking festival 15 miles North of us in Ft. Collins. Long lines, hot weather, tokens, sunshine, food, live music... and LOTS OF BEER! What more could you ask for?! Well friends or family to share it with, but hey instead we shared the day pretending we liked each other and drank until we felt silly. Then it was time to meet Scott's Boss... good first impression, eh. In reality, we really couldnt drink as much as you would expect, only because my uncle was hours away pulling a trailor of my life belongings. Our day of drinks in the sun ended early, but one success was finding a new favorite beer brewed by Boulder Beer Brewery. If you are looking for a natural blonde german girl? Well here she is...(& not me) her name is Sweaty Betty! Definately my new beer of choice. Yummy! (Mom, really I am not an alcoholic).

So after my fun of drinking in the sun, I decided to take a nap before my uncle showed up! Smart idea... NOT! haha. But look at him...arrived safe and sound... looking a little more refreshed than his dear friend Randy, who drove my car across the country without air conditioning and did I mention without cruise control?! AHH! According to my uncle, they regret not notifying slimfast at the beginning of their trip, to take a before picture and then taking an after picture of Randy once they arrived...considering the weight he lost in sweat alone!

So back in PA I may have feared stepping on an ant hill or stumbling over my own two feet, but in Loveland... this is what I have to watch out for when wondering through the grass! Yes... this was taken about 10 yards from my front door, while I was waiting for my uncle to arrive. Scary. Thought I would share... hope you have dreams of snakes now, just like me!

Here is my random thought of the day: Who would have thought that fake fruit really smells like the real fruit?! I certainly did not. But NO JOKE... these Apples and Oranges had an aroma of the real thing. I couldnt believe it. I almost wish I could make this photo a scratch and sniff to share the scent with you, but I can't. Therefore, in the mean time.... use that lovely imagination of yours or swing open the door of your own refigerator and smell the a real one... while I sit a 1000+ miles away sniffing my fake ones :)

To close for the evening... since I am almost too tired to be creative I am going to leave you with a few random photos. Enjoy! Until next time be good and smile. *OJ* the mess of all of my boxes! WOO.
Mr. Scooter Crunch and myself hanging out on our small patio / balcony.

A sunset in our backyard. Yes, Scott... I think it is pretty, but I have seen better ;) (He is going to yell at me for this! hehe)

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  1. OMFG I could read your blogs all day long!! You crack me up! I love each and every story! When is Scooter going to start a blog? I'm sure his would be a trip too! I love you and miss you too much! I need a webcam to see your face at least once a week!! Keep the blogs coming, it's now the highlight of me getting on the computer!!
    Love you sister & scooter too!! MUAH~~OJ*


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