Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Bark

Only cool couples dress alike
I left Monty out last night before bed. It was approximately 10PM. Mr. B was already snuggled in bed when the dog started barking. Not the let-me-in-kind-of-bark, but rather the someone-is-breaking-into-your-house-kind-of-bark. I opened the door and yelled for him to stop. At the same time my husband is yelling from the top of the stairs, "Get the dog inside, he's barking." #noshit

Turns out a cat was scaling the neighbors tree and tormenting Monty while he hung from the branches. One thing Monty loves more than rabbits, is cats. When I say love, I mean, "would love to wrestle" with one.

Needless to say Monty was running circles around me as I was chasing him in my bare feet. The ground was cold and it didn't take long for a tree branch to stab the arch of my foot. The splinter it gave me was enough to have me running inside and yelling for Mr. B to come get his dog. Similar to a child, Monty is only "his" when he's being bad.

I could only imagine the neighbors, who had just gotten their kids tucked into bed and settled from the excitement of Santa. Who were now pouring a cup of decaf coffee, wrapping a few last minute presents and taking a couple bites from the "cookies for Santa" plate. And suddenly our dog ruins the moment and the kids are wide awake, asking if it's morning. We can only hope that they came up with some clever excuse that Monty was barking at Santa's reindeer and then sent them back to bed.

After we finally settled down, I checked Santa's route on Norad. He was just leaving Peoria, Illinois and over 5 billion packages had been delivered.  He was well on his way to Colorado to make a quick stop at the Bores Quarters.
We, I mean I, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus as I laid him in the manger this morning - a favorite childhood tradition of mine.

What did I get? A fitbit - a sign that I need to exercise more. In fact, I told my brother about it and he said, "Oh so what will that track? How many times you walk around the house in your bathrobe!" A new hand mixer - a sign that I need to cook more. And a pocket knife - a sign that I am now bad ass and can cut things, ya know like underwear that are too tight.

What did Mr. B get? A new suitcase - so he doesn't have to borrow mine anymore. A glidecam - so he has even more excuses to capture things on video. And a Penn State bottle opener for his new workshop - so he has more reasons to drink.

We are beyond blessed this year and are off to kick our in-laws butts in a few rounds of bowling. Hopefully, by the time we leave the lanes, we'll have some snow on the ground. #imdreamingofawhitechristmas

Merry day to each of you, and your families, and your friends, and all of those you love.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from The B's

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmas' from the Bores.

The second Mr. B opened his eyes this morning, he rolled over and wished me a Merry Christmas Eve. Christmas makes me giddy, so I immediately jumped out of bed. I walked downstairs, warmed my tea kettle on the stove and put Bing Crosby on the record player. Then proceeded to hum along to Silent Night in preparation for this afternoons church service.

Life was going along quite Christmasy, until Mr. B woke up and switched Bing to Eric Church. Even on Christmas Eve, holiday tunes are too much for him. Then again, I have been playing them since November 1st. #wearingitout

As for our Christmas Card this year, I'll give you one guess who got the most comments? That REGAL dog of ours, Monty. I mean, he stands taller than Mr. B and looks proud as ever. We just adore the heck out of him and hope you have the opportunity to adore all of your loved ones today, tomorrow and the remainder of this year.

The back of our card includes photos from Zermatt, Switzerland, our new beek(eeper) adventure, and Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

What a blessed 2014 it was! We sure are thankful and will be keeping all of those less fortunate this year in our holiday prayers. I pray the spirit of this special time, shines through the sadness and heartache some of you may be feeling. May the lonely find someone to love, may the sad find a way to smile, and may the happy find a way to spread joy.

Merry Christmas.

|Photo cred: Maddie B Photography|

Monday, December 22, 2014

Monty Monday

He loves Christmas....presents. And is waiting patiently near the tree for Santa.
#treats #toys #blanket

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Smore Beer

Bad quality photos, but great fun. Since moving to Fort Collins, I have started following Southeast Fort Collins on Facebook. As much as we may complain about social media, it really is good for some things. For instance, inviting you to an evening at Budweiser's Biergarten with smores and the Clydedales. Sign me up.

So off we went with Sam and Julie. Thankfully, they remembered to bring non-perishable item(s) - enough to cover the forgetful Bores family - to donate to the food bank. In return, they gave you a goodie bag full of all the s'more supplies.

We ordered a beer and headed in the stable to find Archie and a few of his friends. While other half of the Clydesdale crew|pack|team|whatever they're called were off filming the Super Bowl Commercial, we got to spend one-on-one time with these giant-precious-beautiful-animals. They travel majority of the year, but get catered to from morning until night. They are better groomed than Mr. B and probably better smelling too.

Isn't the decorated carriage so gorgeous? I really could have spent all night in there. Did you know that when all of the horses are hitched, the reins weigh over 70lbs? That's quite a work out for the coachman!

Nonetheless, after a few photos and lesson on the lives of those famous animals, we were off to toast our marshmallows.

It was a lovely little evening full of Christmas spirit, beer, food and friends. Those are my favorite kind of days.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet Blitzen

I grew up with a fake tree for most of my life. My mom claims we had a real tree for a couple of the early years, but either I was too young to remember, or she's lying. My first Christmas in Colorado is when Mr. B introduced me to my first REAL tree. If you know anything about my love of Christmas, you know the look I had on my face: pure excitement.

Unfortunately, the evergreens are sparse and slim here. Far less full than the evergreens on the east coast. So our first tree wasn't technically local. It had been hauled to Colorado on a milk truck from Wisconsin. Our second and third trees came from the most incredible nursery in Fort Collins. One that invites reindeer and Santa to greet their guests. But yet again, not local. However, last year and this year, we've made it a point to venture in the Colorado forest and cut down our very own. A tradition that will be around for years to come in this household.

Tree cutting day is like a national holiday in my book and one of my favorite events of the entire year.

This year, it fell on Mr. B's birthday and we believe birthday celebrations should be shared with people. So we invited our friends, Sam and Julie to come along with us. Now you have to understand, Sam is probably my Christmas-counterpart-twin. This kid loves Christmas (maybe more than I do) and was like a little kid. He couldn't eat his breakfast fast enough, before he was saying, "Let's go! I have been waiting all week for this." We laugh about his appreciation and giddiness for most anything in life - especially Christmas - but really, it's something we could all do a little more of.
#tackydecor my favorite

We drove nearly 2 hours to the Red Feathers Lake area where we paid "elves" $10 for a tree permit and were handed a map of the "tree lanes" in return. Mr. B knew immediately that he wanted to take his truck as far off road as possible, which meant we were heading to Vixen Way. There were people and families and children and dogs in every direction. Roping trees to the tops of their cars, tossing trees in the beds of their trucks, and others bundled up in anticipation of taking their little piece of the forest home with them.

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the men had a field day kicking their trucks into 4-wheel drive and sliding around on the icy lanes. After passing up hundreds of trees, we finally pulled off along side the road on Blitzen Lane and started our trek through the woods. Mr. B found a tree he liked immediately, but I convinced him to keep walking. I am a decisive person, but I like options and wasn't ready to commit to the first one he saw.

Sam and Julie walked a few more feet and soon found the one they wanted. The act of cutting down a tree that has a three inch trunk, is rather easy and takes about 3 minutes (tops). So we snapped a few photos as they yelled "timber" and picked up their tree in one fell swoop.

At that point, I realized, the first tree Mr. B had picked out, really was the winner for the Bores Quarters. However, have you ever tried to backtrack in a forest covered in snow? You get lost. While Sam was tossing their tree in the truck, the rest of us were wandering around for about 10 minutes until we agreed it was time to find another one. My husband was quick to point out a new tree and when Julie and I looked at it, we said, "Um, that's the original tree you picked!" I suppose it really was meant to be in our house this season. How did we know it was the original selection? Because the trunk was just slightly crooked at the bottom and was the first thing he pointed out when he saw it the first time.

As we headed back to load up our tree, we decided to add a new tradition to this festive day. Champagne. There was a lot to celebrate that day, aside from the trees. Julie had celebrated her birthday just a few days before and Sam asked her to be his wife as a birthday present. Cue the awes. And of course it was Mr. B's birthday. So we popped a bottle of bubbly and toasted with plastic cups in the middle of the woods. It was exactly the way friends should celebrate milestones like these.

We continued the celebration at a local bar near by and then finished at Sam and Julies with a glass of spiked eggnog. What was supposed to be one glass, turned into a near bottle of whiskey instead (for the boys).

My husband does not remember the evening of his birthday very well, but I sure do. I will spare you the details, except for one. I carried the tree in the house (back and forth from outside to inside three different times) until I got the height just right. It was my first time using a hand saw by myself and I felt a bit of empowerment. Not to mention, a bit of resentment because Mr. B was sound asleep on the couch while I drug a 9 foot tree around our house. Eventually he arose from his slumber and said, "Oh my, how did the tree end up inside and in the stand?" My reply, "The elves! Who the heck do you think brought it in?" Only I may have used a few other choice words ;)

I suppose these are the joys of mixing alcohol with Christmas tree day. Maybe I need to rethink that new champagne tradition.

Two days later we strung the lights and decided to wait for my mom and brother before decking her halls. Twinkly lights and ornaments make anything look good, even if it is a sparse Colorado tree. I introduce our 2014 Christmas Tree - Blitzen:

Thanks for joining us, soon-to-be Gillis'!

To read about earlier trees: Meet Forest | Meet Nordman Fir
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