Thursday, July 2, 2015

Camp Bores: Grand Mesa Exploration

After nearly 7 hours in the car yesterday we finally pulled up to our house around 8pm. A day earlier than planned. It was for no other reason than we were ready to come home. The mosquitoes were unenjoyable and the appeal of having two days at home before going back to work outweighed the idea of another hike.

So here's the final post of our week long trip - sharing our last two days in the woods.

Where did I leave off? Oh Mosquitos and no propane. Thursday morning we woke up early, drove 15 miles to town and found the most darling store. The woman behind the counter served us coffee to sip while she filled our propane tanks! I also searched the store for mosquito nets, but came up empty. 

After getting our camp fridge to keep our beer and meat cold again, we escaped the Mosquitos to explore the Grand Mesa - one of the world's largest flat top mountains! We hiked a small loop to Land O Lakes which is an amazing overlook of the many (300+) lakes on the Mesa. Or as my friend put it, "The place where the butter comes from!" 

Then, MrB found more dirt roads to explore. #whatelseisnew 

So off we went to Land's End. The pictures just don't do it justice, they never do, but it really truly felt like the end of the land. You could see forever. Scott enjoyed feeding the 100's of chipmunks that live there and Monty enjoyed being suicidal and nearly jumping over the ledge to eat one. 

Our dirt road adventure continued until I got hangry and made my husband stop for a picnic lunch. It was far from romantic considering the flies and grasshoppers were attacking me and the dog.

You can see the entrance to our campground below. I never denied how gorgeous it was, I just didn't like the insects that lived there. Behind the campground was another lake that Monty went swimming in. He was filthy, but found his way to "Truby" on his way back to camp. After letting them run wild for a few minutes, we braved our campsite, drank some wine and sat around the fire. I think this is the part where Mr.B would like me to be clear - the mosquitos didn't bother him nearly as much as they bothered me. However, he has more mosquito bites on his legs than I do. And I stopped counting at 20. He's way more tolerant than I am. 

This dog has a special relationship with Mr. B when we camp. Makes me jealous, but Scott IS the more adventurous of the two of us, so it's no wonder Monty loves getting dirty with "dad". All I do is walk and feed him! #boringmom

Before packing up camp and heading home we decided to rent a Row Boat and venture out on one of the lakes. I asked Mr.B what a row boat was and his reply, "It's the same boat Noah took Ali out on when he showed her the swans in the Notebook." Sold! Buy me one pronto. 

We stuck Monty in the back and held on tight. Shockingly we didn't tip but had a few good scares everytime the dog tried to stick his paws and tongue out of the boat. 

All I was missing were the swans and Ryan Gosling...

That's a wrap, friends. We have several weekend-long trips planned for the remainder of the summer, but our weeklong trip has come to an end. I'm already on my second load of laundry and have about 7 more to go. We have a dirty camper to clean and mice to catch in the basement. #thathappened 

Welcome home! 

Ps. We finished the Serial podcast on our way home. Talk about intriguing, yet so beyond frustrating. I needed a better ending, not a "create your own theory" bullshit. However my key takeaways are:
1. This proved how corrupt our justice system is. Why is Jay not in jail?! Why the heck did they not test DNA?! The bond hearing was laughable. 
2. I think I wasted 12 hours of my life.

Camp Bores: Welcome to Grand Mesa

No service here, so I'm writing this in my "notes app" on my phone. 

If you can't find me over the next few days it's because I'm dying from West Nile. 

We arrived at our campground in Grand Mesa around 5:30PM on Wednesday and were greeted by hundreds of thousands of Mosquitos. This is when I wish I were like my mother who's never itched her skin raw, because she has no idea what it's like to be bitten. Instead they attack me through three layers of clothes. 

Our reserved site was right near the lake, so when Peggy, our camp host, came to say hello I asked if there were any other available sites, hoping it was the water that was attracting the blood sucking insects. She offered us two other options to chose from, so we moved to a more wooded location. It's not lake front and it has the same amount of Mosquitos. #fmylife

So we drenched ourselves in Deet and set up camp. 

It didn't take long before MrB was swearing. When I yelled, "what's wrong", I thought he was going to bitch about the mosquitos. Instead, he said "we're out of propane." No big deal except for the fact that our fridge runs off propane when we don't have electric hook-ups (here, we don't). After learning the nearest place for propane was 15 miles away (we're in the middle of no where) and closed for the night, he decided to buy two giant bags of ice and turn our fridge into a cooler. In addition, I got strict orders to only open if absolutely necessary. Thanks dear, I'd rather my bacon not spoil than crack another beer. #truestory

We started a fire, lit lanterns and citronella candles and yet these bugs are relentless. As I stand near a hot campfire dressed in a raincoat, leggings, and hat when it's mid-70s, I'm trying to find the best way to get the hell out of dodge tomorrow.

Until then, I'll be bathing in Deet and more than likely sitting inside, pouting. #reallife #dramatic 


While I was sitting inside, Monty decided to take off running through the campground. All dogs must be leashed so we got yelled at. We chased him for about 15 minutes, past aggressive dogs, next to fishermen, and through more mosquito swarms. Finally, he went right to the camp host who caught him for us. What a nice welcome it's been here.

Ps. You may be wondering how the others are surviving here. Well the camp hosts live under a mosquito tent! Guess what I am asking Santa for this year?

Ps2. One piece of good news. Friends of the camp hosts have a goldendoodle that looks identical to Monty, just 25lbs smaller. I plan to have a photo session later. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camp Bores: Drive Day | Silverton and Ouray

No time to write this one, since we have no service at our new campground. 

However, the photos are too pretty not to share. 

Key takeaways: 
Folding the rug is my least favorite part of clean up.
Monty thought we were packing up to go home. He was wrong.
Mr. B attached his go-pro to Big Red for our drive on Million Dollar Hwy (with Million Dollar views).
Silverton is an amazing mountain town that we wish we could have spent more time in. In fact, MrB is quite confident he could live here and raise our kids on dirt roads.
Ouray is another amazing town I will be begging Mr. B to come back too. I was sticking half my body out of the car to capture pictures of the town, when my hat flew off my head. #worthit

The start of Million Dollar Hwy, which included Coalbank Pass (10,640 ft), Molas Pass (10,970 ft)  and Red Mountain Pass (11,018 ft). 


Drive to Ouray:

That's all for now. I'll fill in the blanks later this weekend. Thanks for following along friends.  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Camp Bores: Mesa Verde National Park

Yesterday we were up early and drove 1 hour to Mesa Verde National Park. The last and final National Park in Colorado that we needed to visit together. Mr B grew up traveling in a pop-up camper so he's been to most of these parks already. However, to me, this was all new.

We arrived at the visitor center and paid for tickets to tour 2 of the three "ruins" tours offered - The Balcony House and Cliff Palace. 

Ranger Drew was our first tour guide - he works at the park in the summer, but spends his winters as a real life archeologist. To say he was passionate about the history of this place would be a total understatement.

He took the two of us and 48 others down to 1 of the 600 alcoves in park, where we got to climb a man-made ladder straight to the home that once belonged to 40(ish) Ancestry Pueblo people 800 years ago. That's crazy right? 

These incredible Pueblo people had a life span into the mid 30's. They began working as farmers as early as they could and spent the second half of their days building their homes in a hole in the side of a cliff. 

Majority of the home is original to when it was discovered in the late 1800's. The park simply maintains it as best as they can. What I find amazing is that they let humans roam around inside. The current Pueblo people believe the park should leave the "ruins" alone. They were built with materials from the earth and should be returned to the earth. #funfact

We "strategically" parked to make it on time for the second tour at Cliff Palace with Ranger Kevin. 

In 90 degree temps, he guided us along the ridge-side and within 20 minutes we were standing face to face with this amazing city in the alcove. A city they believe that was home to 120 Ancestry Pueblo people. It was discovered by two Cowboys, in search of lost cattle in the 1880's. Could you imagine coming upon this one wintery day? As Ranger Kevin puts it, "I'm sure they said 'holy shit!'"

We had a blast on our exploration through Mesa Verde. And even stopped by the Ranger Quarters to use the public showers- a real bath 5 days into our trip, we needed it. 

However as soon as we walked in, we found this sign hanging on the door. Let's just say I am glad we had our flip flops with us. What we want to know is, who was the jackass who shat in the shower and forced employees to have to make this sign? Yuck! Fortunately, they were super clean and free. 

After showers, we crashed at camp. We took naps, read a little, played UNO, made cherry Moscow mules and watched the second season of Greys Anatomy. We forgot how much we loved George! 

Off to Grand Mesa for the second half of our Camp Bores vacation. More to come. 
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